Insta Bug-Pros and Cons

General Information

InstaBug is a software company from the USA that working for bug reporting, crash reporting, in-app chats, and user surveys for mobile apps.
Bug and crash problem is now a big problem for software and web. InstaBug is one of the best software company in the world.

Newer Innovations in the InstaBug

Currently InstaBug released their newer innovations in the tools. You can Voice Texts. In-App Events. Configurable notification preferences help you. Network Logging also a useful innovation. And a lots of new features they have published.

Why we use InstaBug?

With the best-in-class bug and feedback reporting, secure crash reporting, intuitive in-app surveys, and reliable infrastructure that supports over two billion devices worldwide, Instabug helps development and product teams easily collect bugs and feedback from beta testers and customers.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that, It ensure that they keep offering a good service. An absolute must for mobile. Quick integration of instabug saves time. Crash reporting solution is faster. Wonderful way to record all problem.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers said that it’s SDK is too bulky. Poor update system. Not suitable for web. A lot of features are missing implementation and not documented. The web interface is disgusting, small number of states, not a good point for Managing issues.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Jira, Sentry , Assembla, Micro Focus ALM Quality Center, Fiddler, Backlog, TaskRay, MantisBT, and Helix ALM and Rollbar