Intelligence Bank-Pros and Cons

General Information
IntelligenceBank is a easy-to-use and powerful platform to manage our digital assets. It has auto keyword-tagging, which helps in quick access to assets.
It also has features like watermarking, quick find and email alert. It offers four pre-configured apps which includes Digital Asset management, Board Portal, Governance Risk and Compliance and Knowledge Management.
Its advanced search saves a lot of time of searching the files. Its creative collaboration enable us to collaborate in a team and control the access of different users.

Newer Innovations in the IntelligenceBank

Its advanced search option let you search the files by title, description, file content, etc.
Its automatic tagging feature saves a lot of time in tagging individual image, specially in bulk uploading.

Its email alert notify whenever new file is added or modified.

IntelligenceBank enables us to resize, crop, and transform image in format that you need.

Why we use IntelligenceBank?

IntelligenceBank supports workflows that allow for content modification.
It simplifies and streamlines your workflows and Automates workflows and enhances team creativity.
Tags images automatically and uses facial recognition which saves your valuable time.
IntelligenceBank increases the security, organization and searchability of digital assets

Industry Positive Comments
Some customers said that with Wiredrive they can easily build and maintain media library and it provides great option to customize the user experience for all the members.
They love the reel statistics and analytics data, they are key metrics in our daily analysis of our sales and business. Giving feedback is just as easy, we can even add the specific timestamp so the teammates know which specific part of the clip they can still improve on.

Needs Improvement

Some customers said that it would be great if they could create mobile version, because they want to review their images on phone when they can’t access their Pc.
It would be great if there are some options to customize folder thumbnail image without choosing from images.
Some customers suggested that It would be great if there is an option to upload time stamp by including time along with date.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are, HiHaHo, Widen Collective, Image relay, Webdam, Libris, Wiredrive, Canto, Extensis Portfolio, Nuxeo.