Ivanti Service Manager IT Service Management – Pros and Cons

General features

Ivanti Service Manager is powered by HEAT.

Ivanti is the company that resulted from the merger of Heat and LANDESK.

It is the most affordable, flexible and complete cloud-optimized ITSM solution available.

It is more efficient, compliant, and secure.

Ivanti Service Manager performs more advanced ITIL service management processes.

It is easily scalable and adapts to meet any specific business needs.

It provides easy to use incident management system for solving issues.

It is highly customizable.

Its drag & drop workflow feature make it easy to tailor IT service automation.

Ivanti Service Manager comes with choice of fully multi-tenant SaaS or On-premise.

Newer Innovations

Ivanti Service Manager’s built-in automation tools allow for several steps to be automated taking out the manual click work for some repetitive tasks.

Ivanti is modernizing the service desk, helping IT deliver more value to the business.

It provides out-of-the-box dashboards and reports.

It provides configuration Management to handle IT changes quickly and efficiently.

Ivanti Service Manager provides an easy to use customer service helpdesk software for dealing with inbound ticket requests from any channel—email, web, social, phone, or chat.

It improve incident response plan by automating incident processes and communications to quickly understand and restore service operations and resolve IT issues. 

It lets all users easily submit and track requests through a web-based self-service tool.

It uses 3rd party integration to improve IT support performance and efficiency.

Why use it?

Ivanti Service Manager comes with Choice of Cloud or On-Premise.

It provides world-class service delivery.

Its drag & drop workflow feature make it easy to tailor IT service automation.

Its Multi-Channel Self Service allows for users to enter their own data anytime.

 Industry’s Positive Comments

Their support is always available, and they are very knowledgeable

 Workflows make assigning service requests and tasks very efficient.

Great out of the box offerings aiding to hit the ground running

 It is very easy to perform administrative tasks on ISM

 It’s hard to find downsides in this app.

Needs Improvement

Project management is the weakest of the 3 tenants and can be improved.

The backend can be a little messy at times need some work to be done.

 Project Management workspace has room for improvements.

 Similar Products in Industry

Other Service Desk software products available in market are Micro Focus Service Manager, ServiceNow, TOPdesk, Zabbix, ManageEngine Service Desk, Zendesk, Teamviewer, SolarWinds Web Desk etc.