Jira-Pros and Cons

General Information

Jira is a well-known project management tool that helps it’s user to map out, prioritize, and delegate their tasks. Typically used by software teams that build and ship products of their own, the system streamlines the app development process from conceptualization to execution. Jira Software undergoes continuous updates to ensure support for the most recent trends in software development.
Newer Innovations in the Jira
The great tool for bug tracking Jira published their some new features that really helps it’s customer. Now users can create and customize next-gen permissions. Jira’s roadmap now help to breakdown the work. In the next-gen issues Jira has launched log time system. On backlog issues user create log faster than other. Jira give priority to user in any issue.

Why we use Jira?

Jira is used by many teams, around 115 countries in the world. Why so many company/individual choose it? Because it lets their teams plan more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and get work done faster.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that Jira is Amazing Tool for collaboration. It is a powerful software that combined every useful features. Easy to use project management for design /engineering team. Next Gen Jira is great for a more rebust Trello. It is great tool for Agile Methodology.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in Jira’s defect tracking tools. It has confusing navigation, everything is a link . It’s way too complicated for the majority of tasks. Customers expect to increase it’s collaborate capability. Few even believe it’s the old way of running helpdesks .

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Axosoft, Wrike, TeamGantt, Planview LeanKit, Targetprocess, Aha!,Rally Software, Assembla, Micro Focus ALM Quality Center and Bugzilla.