Kronos Workforce Central HR Management-Pros and Cons

General Features        

Kronos Workforce Central is an automated workforce management tool that comes with multiple benefits and featured that suites to every size of business and organizations. Kronos Workforce Central easily keeps track of employee time and attendance and shares a high information report that helps the manager to act or plan decisions at the right time. Kronos Workforce Central notify the manager with real-time email or SMS red flags that need immediate action. Kronos Workforce Central timekeeper reduces payroll errors and costs and increases productivity as it helps in freeing the staff from manual tasks for more value-added activities. Kronos Workforce Central create and share electronic invoices to client and accept payments electronically from clients and helps in recognizing revenue by providing proper reporting integrated into AP systems. Kronos Workforce Central helps in developing a talent pipeline and performance analysis report to act or plan decisions with succession planning strategy; in future if the requirement is to fulfill a position or an employee to be promoted. Kronos Workforce Central creates high engaged workforce which provides self-service capabilities to view scheduling from mobile devices irrespective of the location, swap shifting or select shift based on preference or availability. Managers can define a calendar of employee working hours (minimize/maximize) for a period. Kronos Workforce Central is an automated solution that reduces risk and enables an administrator to create rules and scheduling practices that comply with corporate rules and policies. Kronos Workforce Central manages paid or unpaid leaves for sick time, vacation, personal leave, identify workers with attendance issue and enable to get automated document generated. Kronos Workforce Central shares real-time workforce visibility with a powerful interactive dashboard which increases productivity and helps in an act in areas like cost, productivity, overtime, scheduling. Kronos Workforce Central offers budgeting solution allows collaboration between district manager and corporate to align staffing, develop and plan the budget to meet productivity goals. Kronos Workforce Central is a single integrated automated solution which comprises of all HR activities into one platform.

Newer Innovation

Kronos Workforce Central has enhanced its features which results in more productivity and reduces cost and errors. Kronos Workforce Central now comes with a brand new HTML5 platform which is more intuitive and interactive and avoid managing Java or plugins. Kronos Workforce Central new improvements have reduced administrative burden as it now allows geolocation-based punch reminders and introduced automated timekeeping tracking features. Kronos Workforce Central with its new mobile personalization features allows organizations to customize content that how it should look to employees, gives more control to system administrators when employees are connecting from their home through mobile or desktop. Kronos workforce central supports the mobile workforce with expanded punch capabilities options. Kronos Workforce Central has improved security by integrating technology and software with web and application server standards. Kronos Workforce Central with its automated demand-based scheduling now allows planners to plan long term alignment of labor based on demand, balancing labor cost and workload. Kronos Workforce Central enables the platform with multiple integrations which results in high performance and quality results. Kronos Workforce Central now comes with multiple languages and expand technology which now supports Oracle 12c, SQL 2016 databases, Windows Server 2016 operating system, Microsoft Edge browser. 

Why we use Kronos Workforce Central?

Kronos Workforce Central provides transparency which helps in building strong business plans, increase productivity, reduce cost and error, provides visibility 360° performance dashboard to plan action or take decisions. Kronos Workforce Central builds strong employee engagement within or outside the organization as it provides accessibility from mobile devices with real-time updates, scheduling, task management, leave management and benefits plans. Kronos Workforce Central is a one-stop automated solution that combines all HR activities with compliance regulations and rules in one platform and it is built for every employee where it helps in hire, develop, manage and retain business and employees by providing empowered tools to them for a healthy balanced life. Kronos Workforce Central provides real-time alerts, has easy to use features with performance management capability and is an accurate, proactive and intuitive platform to work with.  

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are that Kronos Workforce Central is a great tool enable to streamline all HR activities in one place though it is task management, time tracking, leave management and payroll management with all other activities which are easily accessible from several locations with mobile accessibility. Kronos Workforce Central shares real-time data about the employee or worker punch-in and out with providing instant data whenever required. Kronos Workforce Central calendar feature helps a lot in viewing any upcoming time off request which is approved or to view the schedule. Kronos Workforce Central has fantastic reporting and analytics feature which shares a dashboard with complete visibility and allow easy to track information for the missed punches by the team.

Needs Improvement

Kronos Workforce Central should have a user guide so that it becomes easy for the onboard user to learn about the tool and its usage easily and helps in training which saves a lot of time. Kronos Workforce Central does not have an automation feature for OT hours to be entered as it must be done manually when an employee has PTO. Kronos Workforce Central should share alert to employees about their punch-in & out in order to avoid payroll challenges. Kronos Workforce Central could have automated time off cancellation requests so that the employee can cancel it at any time without any approval because as of now to cancel it, it must be done by the manager with his approval which is time-consuming. Kronos Workforce Central should improve customer service as it is not much responsive and raised tickets takes time to get resolved which is not much help and a time-consuming process. 

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