Lever Recruitment-pros and Cons

General Features

Lever is an automated recruiting software program that accelerates the hiring process with efficient tools, features and integrations. Lever Talent suite allows to build talent relationships offering open recruitment market at multiple channels, covers pipeline from source to rediscovery. Lever provides outstanding user experience to its talent leaders which helps in measuring the company’s hiring performance. Lever Hire enables to track talent pipeline, engagement, and actions performed in a database. It has incorporated both ATS and CRM functionality platforms which engage the whole team in recruiting the right candidate. Lever Nurture has automated workflow technology which saves a lot of time and improves talent relationships, engagement throughout the recruitment cycle. Lever Analytics shares great insights and an analytical data-driven dashboard helps intake informed decisions on candidate recruitment, interviewer process and status, speed up the recruitment process, enhance the quality of recruiting a candidate. Lever has a Talent Cloud Connect feature which builds a connection between people, business processes and data across Talent and HR Systems. Lever candidate management allows recruiters to develop a pool of talent and helps in making better matches between candidates and clients. Candidate Management is an important component where the recruiter builds a one-on-one relationship with candidates and then automates the activities using the CRM system. Lever pop up alerts, notifications and automatic reminders to keep the pipeline organized and updated. Lever has Snooze function, call to action buttons to keep track of candidates’ activities and helps in taking follow-ups at the right time with the right candidate until the candidate responds. Lever also offers syncing emails and send messages, sync conversations happened with candidates outside of lever, share candidates with anyone in the industry, create calendar notifications by simply permitting lever to access emails as it integrates with office 365. Lever also allows referral tracking on its interview page where one can easily refer a friend, colleague and enable social referrals by authorizing your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.        

Newer Innovation

Lever with its New Zoom Integration now allows us to schedule a Zoom meeting without leaving the platform. It now highlights alerts on the candidate’s pages who are not active or have not done any activity in the last few days so that you can decide who acts on. Lever has made UI improvement with an updated navigation tab that can easily and quickly help in access candidates’ details, Jobs, Interviews and Reports. Lever has added new Enboarder Integration which helps in easy setting up their personalized and onboarding experience once candidate information is marked in lever. It has also expanded its integration with the other two HRIS providers: Namely and BambooHR. Lever has added new integrations with Paylocity Onboarding, CoderPad, GoodHire, Xref which has made the recruitment process more easy and accessible features to many other candidates from many different locations. It has added two more endpoints to its API which makes candidates profile stronger with structured data for reporting purposes, triggering email and other notifications with newly CREATE notes and CREATE Profile forms endpoints. Lever now enables us to insert an E-Signature in the email description while sending an email or creating a template with its new integration – DocuSign. Lever shares data-driven insight, customizable reports, surveys with its strong analytic Diversity Insight feature which helps in build diverse pipeline and seamless recruiting processes.

Why we use Lever?

Lever with its outstanding automate features with injecting transparency, collaboration and humanity into the software can handle the most complex and strategic challenges that the company faces to grow its team. Lever provides effortless collaboration across the organization as it scales and shares hiring to everyone including managers, recruiters, interviewers. Lever has simple, intuitive, easy to use user interface design and multiple integrations which helps in a streamline and speed up the recruitment process. Lever shares great insights with its clear, clean data throughout the platform which helps in maintaining transparency and preparing the reports with key insights with not more than two clicks.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are Lever allows users to integrate with many third-party tools which helps in enhancing recruiting activities. Lever has a very intuitive interface for seeing candidates and reverting them. Lever also allows tracking interview process through its app and allows reverting candidates with simple yes or no. Lever apps are customizable to reflect the hiring process of your organization. Lever app allows automating in scheduling meetings based on your requirements and helps in speeding the tasks.

Needs Improvement

Lever has great features, but they are lacking with their customer support, should improve their support team to resolve the issues. Lever scheduling meetings is a hectic task sometimes due to time zone issue should improve the process and tool. Lever should update its overall layout and fonts. Lever should allow Hr to send a detailed description to the candidates who are not selected. Lever should allow cc recipients when sending offer letters also should allow copy-paste of an image directly into the mails. 

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar products in the industry are Bullhorn ATS & CRM, JobDiva, CATS ATS, Jobvite, BambooHR, Workday HCM, Greenhouse, Crelate Talent, JazzHR, SmartRecruters. 

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