LinkedIn Recruitment-Pros and Cons

General Features

LinkedIn Recruitment Marking is the world’s largest talent network that connects the experts and professionals at a bigger scale with its unique and exciting features. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing builds company awareness and engage more candidates to onboard the platform to apply and respond faster. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing lets people connect throughout their professional journey. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing spread awareness by its career page advertising company story, employee testimonials, photos and automatically shows recommended jobs to candidates with jobs page. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing engages more people by posting recruitment Ads targeting specific audience or group of people which increase application rates and InMail response rates. It ensures that ads are viewed by those candidates whose profiles are matched to the open role. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing educates people about the company’s overview by sharing articles, videos, employee posts. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing attracts candidates and captures their attention with its intuitive, well designed and personalized landing pages that are posted to ideal candidates and allow candidates to express their interest with the available one-click “I am interested” button. It also builds the pipeline of ideal and required candidates that flow into Recruiter. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing allows to connect with external system and recruiting applications. It allows to view and transact business, job posting, with multiple language and currencies. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing platform performs consistently which easily automates all the operational task and robustly share files and information with internal and external stakeholders. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing candidate management system organize, schedule interviews online and keep the database at safe which saves a lot of recruiting time and avoid excel management. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing is accessible from the mobile device on the go and shares meaningful analytical reports and metrics that help in tracking business progress, recruiting performance and candidates interview reports.

Newer Innovation

LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing has introduced smart search filter Spotlights that identify the talent that is open to hearing from recruiters for new opportunities and will respond to outreach. With this feature, the recruiter can prioritize such candidates in their talent pool database to increase their productivity. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing Apply Starter feature let candidate share their profile with the recruiter before they begin and reach out which build a strong pipeline of candidates for future roles. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing can now search candidates who are most likely to open for contracting roles with its Contracting Targeting feature and candidates searched via this feature have 2X more likely to respond and reply within 24 hours. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing has improved your ATS workflow efficiency by integrating Recruiter System Connect which sync and share up-to-date candidate information avoiding copy pasting jobs between ATS and LinkedIn Recruiter platform. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing with its InMail Analytics helps in viewing how your templates are doing, who’s responding and how is your performance, allows managers to compare team members’ performance, InMail response rates, what they are doing right and shares those best practices across the organization. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing allows you to see overall performance metrics on your job slots, hires, InMail insights, insights on your talent flow with its Performance Summary Report feature. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing has introduced a new Job tab on Front and Center on its mobile app providing candidates a smooth, easy to use and streamlined delightful journey. It has doubled the number of candidates viewing the job every week. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing has added Apply with LinkedIn plugin through which candidates can apply with their LinkedIn profiles; autofill the application forms and improved completion rate. The recruiter can find the application even if it has an incomplete application form filled. 

Why we use LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing?

LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing is the best-in-class, unified largest talent network which connects professionals from different countries together at one platform allowing them to view, post, apply for jobs. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing allows referral recruiting which is easier, cost-effective and less time consuming where employers encourage employees to share referrals for the open roles by simply sharing the profiles of a potential candidate. It also offers social recruiting where the employer can view candidate potential, contact details, overall personality, and character and can view his active participation with any group, organizations or associations. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing is the most streamlined, targeted and high potential platform to find and search highly talented, qualified candidates.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the Industry positive comment is that LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing allows easy access to candidate information to multiple recruiters/hiring manager or decision-makers. It’s tag and creates note tools is much liked as it makes follow up communication, Screening easy. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing enables chat-like messaging with potential candidates and applicants allowing to share job openings, requirements, company’s updates and benefits which saves a lot of time. LinkedIn Recruitment shares quick results from simple and complex Boolean searches. It is easy to filter through different categories to find the best and potential candidate.

Needs Improvement

LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing does not allow downloading or exporting data from its platform to use it on other programs. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing needs improvement in its searches and reporting. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing should allow customization on its Dashboard so that analytical reports can be more effective which helps in making informed decisions fast and quickly. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing should integrate with Outlook Calendars and G-Suite to schedule meetings more effectively and proactively. LinkedIn Recruitment Marketing needs high improvement in its Mobile version with better user experience, navigation flow and UI; though it keeps improving.

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