Logic Gate-Pros and Cons

General Information

LogicGate provides enterprises major features with its easy to use intuitive user interface. Its platform allows companies to configure agile GRC workflows, which reduce their risk exposure and reduce costs. LogicGate is a powerful platform to enable rapid creation of workflow-enabled tools. It can automate workflows and solve problems unique to regulatory spaces.

Newer Innovations in the LogicGate

LogicGate makes it easier for managers to track progress and spot bottlenecks before they start creating real problems for the enterprises. It gives access to a library of software’s predefined tasks, which makes the whole process efficient and adds value. LogicGate generates visual reports in no time, helping the management to make much more informed decisions and avoid bottlenecks.

Its dynamic data creation module allows capturing data from multiple sources. LogicGate solutions work well to eliminate manual procedures and policy documentation.

Why we use LogicGate?

LogicGate provides an intuitive user interface and multi-features template which helps many companies in solving issues in areas like operations, GRC, IT and legal. The software particularly suits industries like healthcare, financial services, retail, and education. LogicGate can be trusted in providing accurate identification, assessment, and monitoring of business risks. It can create dependencies between data, fields, and input with a simple drag-and-drop interface. LogicGate allows the users to easily assign, configure data access levels and define user types across the organization. With this platform, organizations can deploy processes to solve common compliance and risk issues using the jump-start given by templates.

Industry Positive Comments

According to some customers, LogicGate is really to user friendly and has great flexibility e. The platform has simple drag-and-drop interface, which makes the whole process effortless. LogicGate reporting functionality is probably the best in the industry. There can be customizations made with no prior coding requirement. LogicGate allows multiple users to collaborate simultaneously and provides an interactive experience for all users.

Needs Improvement

Few thought leaders believe that LogicGate should work towards increasing the number of features. The platform is not as feature-rich as its competitors according to some users. LogicGate takes longer loading time and users might observe general latency within the platform. Few also believe that it should add a global search function within a search queue that would help. LogicGate should help in converting more of the table report to visual reports.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar products in industry are SAI360, KissFlow, Nintex Platform, Jira Service Desk, SolarWinds Service Desk, FreshService, PagerDuty, Epicor ERP, Ninox, and ServiceNow Now Platform.