Lucidpress -Pros and Cons

General Information
Lucidpress is a design & brand templating platform, with Lockable templates. Lucidpress is free and compatible with the main browsers. It has ton of starter templates, can save brand colors and fonts. Easy-access print store and direct mail delivery with loud storage with the ability to log on from anywhere.

Newer Innovations in the Lucidpress

Lucidpress can create own didactic materials which can be quickly reviewed at any time. All essential of the fundamental rendition is free. Final products can be updated in the future with ease. All the documents can be worked on collaboratively

Why we use Lucidpress?

Lucidpress can use from the web, without installing any application. Lucidpress allows us to lock brown colors, logos and fonts to maintain brand consistency. It enables to get high-quality printed materials shipped straight to your location. Lucidpress help us create marketing on our time.

Industry Positive Comments
Lucidpress it is extremely affordable. It is also extremely easy to use and the pre-made templates are nice-looking. Any user can create clean and branded materials. I like the ability to design and upload as many fonts

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in Lucidpress are that they find it difficult to insert texts, difficulty with exporting clear crop/bleed marks. Some basic features that are missing. Cannot draw custom vector shapes and there are no blending modes.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Microsoft Publisher, PDFelement, Oracle BI Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Venngage, MadCap Flare & QuarkXPress