CIO HOUSE helps bring both technical assets and tools to develop quick marketing videos as per your business needs. . We help businesses develop a lasting Impression with Video Marketing. It is already proven that high-quality video looks professional and engages your target audience. We add on every video with our storytelling elements which help customers relate to your company mission.

Facts show that on social media, captivating videos help customers learn more about your offerings, serving as an important touchpoint. In fact, 88% of marketers are highly satisfied with their social media video marketing ROI. Creative marketing videos not only raise brand awareness but also help convert customers. Among surveyed marketers, 78% say they get more traffic to their websites after implementing a video strategy, and 54% saw increased sales as a result

Product and Solution demos

We do bring in Industry aware domain consultants who can script and define marketing videos. They help you to visualize the benefits of your offerings and package it in a dynamic video offering. A step-by-step product demo, led by a professional presenter, provides customers with valuable insights. Demos can support the sales process by providing potential customers with essential knowledge about your products and services.

Effective product demos replicate the user experience, allowing customers to see firsthand how your offerings solve problems. Using storytelling elements, live-action video combined with dynamic text makes a lasting impression on customers.


Corporate promotional videos

Polished promotional videos let you tell your brand story in your own voice. Corporate overviews raise brand awareness and engage customers on a deeper level. You can share promotional videos on your company’s website and social media profiles as well as at industry events.

Videos that include beautiful footage of your workspace, processes and customer service help buyers feel comfortable working with you. Custom marketing videos give you the space to speak in your own voice about the issues that matter most to your business.


Testimonials and interviews

Custom, on-location interviews allow your in-house experts to share their insights and passion with your customers. Your stakeholders can shine a light on the elements that make your brand unique. Professional video puts a face on your brand, making it easier to connect with your clients.

In addition, testimonial videos let satisfied customers sing your praises in their own words. Whether they’re at your offices or on their turf, expert videographers will bring high-quality video production to your customers.

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