Micro Station-Pros and Cons

General Information

Microstation allows creation of designs and also models Bentley’s applications. The software comes with settings for scale, annotations, reference attachments and many more. Microstation provides its users with the ability to visualize and analyze designs, as well as layout and annotate drawings. It is also implemented with Duplicate Machine Learning Model.

Microstation allows users to produce animations and renderings, as well as working in a more personalized environment. The software is implemented with 3D Parametric Modeling, as well as an administration tools, which allows to define tules for intelligent features. Microstation also comes with automatic digitization on maps or scanned maps.

Newer Innovations in Microstation

The software comes with Trust Licensing, as well as overall enhancement in annotation scales. Microstation has recently provided its users with Map Layers Sorting, as well as an improved Non-Planar Polygon support.

Fixed size point features are also provided with Microstation, as well as new selective posting capabilities.

Microstation as of recently comes with an improved spatial overlay performance.

API Enhancements have also been implemented to the software to build more efficiency.

Why we use Microstation?

Microstation provides its users with fas processing in every area, which potentially provides quicker results for different businesses. Furthermore, the software is friendly to other ones, which allows more overall integration.

Microstation is also very flexible when it comes to its users, which allows them to be overall more creative in their work, and is also considered to be as the best software for civil and rail technicians, which pulls in businesses.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that the software is strong and sustainable, and doesn’t need a special course to start off using it. Microstation is also considered to be very portable and easy to learn, as well as having fast processing speed. Furthermore, the software is simple and incredibly easy to manage.

Needs Improvement

Microstation has customers expect improvement in projection system, as well as the price of the software, since it is very expensive to obtain a license. Furthermore, the software can also freeze and lag when exchanging between files, as well as having some problems with some areas of customization. Microstation also has users question the ribbon menu system, which is according to some cumbersome.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are Freemium, DraftSight, BRL-CAD, Bricscad, nanoCAD, TurboCAD, LibreCAD, Autodesk AutoCAD, DualCAD and MakesSCAD.