Microsoft Dynamics GP-Pros and Cons

General Information

Microsoft Dynamics GP comes a reliable and accurate management of assets and banking, as well as delivering comprehensive business management. It provides great efficiency through automated human resources, which provides more efficient data for businesses. Dynamics GP also provides multidimensional analysis throughout all the services, and also a lockbox processing function.

The software offers the ability to refund checks, which can be vital for the business’ economy, and with this it also comes with analytical accounting, budgeting etc. for the users to keep up with their results. Dynamics GP provides automated pricing for individual customers, which can really help people who want to pursue something individually, as well as simple project accounting. As to electronic banks, the software offers high quality management and reconciliations.

Newer Innovations in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP is equipped with a smartlist feature, which allows users to build different queries using their interface. Alongside this, it also was recently equipped with platform and system-wide enhancements throughout the software. Dynamics GP offers a module called Workflow 4.0, as well as having document attach available in different bank reconciliations

The software also excludes inactive records for HR benefit as well as making the software more simple and clean.

Dynamics GP comes with comprehensive document attachment and data effective tax rates, and is also equipped with navigation integration for the management reporter.

Why we use Microsoft Dynamics GP?

The software provides wide details on what is useful for balancing and budgeting, which can give a better perspective for businesses on what decisions they should do. Dynamics GP also has a large user base, with and active online community to ask help from each other etc.

Users are able to access important features, which includes detailing vital data regarding transactions between other people, as well as being able to link different business departments in a company together, creating a stronger bond between them

Industry Positive Comments

Dynamics GP provides easy integration for the industry to use, as well as the ability to “copy and paste” journal entries much quicker without having to do it manually. The software also comes with an overall good setup, which allows two entities to be toggled. Dynamics GP is able to setup inter-company relationships, which creates more healthy connections throughout businesses. It also comes with a function to eliminate unproductive tasks in the software, which significantly reduces the cost of the service.

Needs Improvement

Dynamics GP also comes with some downsides, with the industry commenting on trial balance having a poor build to it. Furthermore, the software often has long startups, and can also run slowly during operations. Dynamics GP also has hard to navigate functions, which might frustrate users and make results less efficient. Users also comment on the software not having much flexibility or personalization to fit businesses’ needs, as well as it having continuous updates, thus it being hard to get used to same integrations in the system.

Similar Products in the Industry

Dynamics GP, alongside some search products in the industry, is similar to HubSpot CRM, Spiro, Insightly, Firepoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365, ConvergeHub, Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Sage 100cloud, SAP ERP and ERPAG.