Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management-Pros and Cons

General Information

Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management set priority on task so individuals.
It create and assign tasks for individual users with details info. And due date.
Milestones and set deadlines tasks, manually/automatically.
Each user can view their list of tasks without having access to other tasks. Also can define dependencies between tasks and the rules.
Users can update multiple task at the same time. Easily user can different model portfolio scenarios to determine the best strategic.
Portfolios and projects across user organization in a visual and interactive roadmap for broader visibility.
Native data lets user can quickly portfolio data for advanced reporting.
Users always customize his portfolio management if his/her needs.

Newer Innovations in the Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management.

Microsoft project and portfolio management connector for Microsoft office.
Using new project management service you can easily create projects.
Users can starts with his/her home. He can manage all projects in one place if there was a new service that allows.
Vice assistant platforms are allowed on Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management.
In new service is also designed to support any role, skill level, or project type.
It is introducing modern work management with Microsoft project and portfolio management in details.
It is enterprise Utilization of Microsoft project and portfolio management.

Why we use Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management?

Microsoft project and portfolio management connects all catalogue and product information data in commerce platform which help a user’s easily.
It predicts buyer intent, and automatically merchandizes personalized product recommendations.
It have more benefit to access to power apps and Microsoft.

It have a solid function provides a long list of benefits which is an important thinks for a new users. It has also data service for apps platform.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that Microsoft Project & Portfolio Management is fast and its work is great. It is not very difficult to run. It is a smart and easy way to manage project. It has Out-of-box controls for rendering search, results, and faceting. It searches huge documents very fast. Its Implementations are more flexible because of the customized options.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in Sort options functionality to achieve this. Project Managers need more granular tools to help plan, manage and report on their projects on this platform.

For example, Project Managers will need to create detailed task plans to improve the accuracy of forecasting of this platform, resource planning and also overall project delivery.

With solutions like Sells Projects, this can be carried out directly in the tool, or for organizations with a history of using MS Project, project plans can be imported or exported to and from Microsoft Project

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar products in the industry are: Workfront, Wrike, Clarizen, Maven link, Daptiv
,Planview PPM Pro , Bubble Innovator PPM, Changepoint, Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management
,EPM Live, Microsoft Project Server, Micro Focus PPM (formerly HP PPM), Gen Sight Enterprise Portfolio Management, Work Otter PPM