MindTickle Sales Enablement-Pros and Cons

General features

MindTickle is a sales enablement and sales readiness software that provides businesses tools to ramp up new sales rep faster, train them effectively, and keep them up-to-date to sales excellence. It provides Data-driven intelligence to drive sales team’s customer-facing readiness. MindTickle provide consultative industry benchmarks, insights, guides and training necessary to maximize intelligence capability of sales teams. It provides automated training paths and adaptive learning that reinforces best practices and keeps salespeople engaged. MindTickle’s communication abilities keep reps up-to-date and highly engaged. It allows enabling managers and sellers to collaborate on identifying and closing the gaps in knowledge, skills and field execution through coaching.


Newer Innovations

MindTickle allows Companies to create event awareness and drive better ROI from their sales events. It engages sellers throughout any sales event providing real-time announcements and follow-up content for continuous learning and retention. MindTickle provides automated learning paths to simplify onboarding process of sales reps and accelerate their time to productivity. MindTickle allows managers to come up with structured training programs that improve sales skills. It also allows Managers to leverage insightful reports and analytics to find knowledge gaps for every sales rep. MindTickle also provides continuous skills development.

Why use it?

MindTickle is sales enablement software that provides Sales Readiness platform built for increasing Revenue and Enablement Leaders to power company’s Sales Effectiveness.


 Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

MindTickle’s technology and features are cutting edge on innovation.

It helps to understand customer point of view and analyzing their needs.

Its really a very good option to go with. 

Its UI is very easy to understand and user friendly. 

MindTickles easy to understand UI is really great.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the people in the industry want its reporting and analytics to be improved. It should provide some certificates after completing the training module. It does not allow saving anything from external sources.

Similar Products in Industry 

Other Similar products available in market are Seismic, Highspot, Showpad Content, Outreach, Brainshark, Tiled, Bloomfire etc.