Monster-Pros and Cons

General features
Monster is a global online employment solution that provides features for Job seekers and the employers. It helps connect people and job opportunities. Its applicant tracking system gives ability to post job vacancy, accept application and track application through the hiring process. It provides an easy-to-use dashboard to manage automate application-to-hire process with Applicant Tracking and Onboarding. Monster has a huge resume database that helps you to find out qualified candidates. Power Resume Search give you ability to search more informed candidates. It is the most advanced way to match qualified job seekers based on work history skills, education, and location. You can also compare and manage candidates.
Monster gives your business the techniques that you can implement to make sure that your employees are performing well and increasing overall productivity. You can also arrange pre-employment testing for screening out candidates based on their skills. This helps you get a best qualified candidate with required skills. When you post a job on Monster, candidates who are looking for jobs just like yours, get an email notification about your new job post. Monster help you showcase your employer brand. It let you create branded job template with your logo, images, videos and more. Its mobile application let you reach candidates on-the-go, whenever and wherever you want to engage them.
Other Features
Monster Boolean search provides powerful semantic search capability to narrow down search result. Use Boolean operators like AND, OR, NOT, NEAR etc. in your search query to get more accurate result. Monster automatically post your jobs on hundreds of local sites and job boards to attract more qualified candidates. It also provides automated text and email tools that helps you contact and stay connected with key candidates, easily.
Monster gives an easy-to-use dashboard. Candidate dashboard enables you to view and control job posting, see resumes, responds to candidate etc. Your brand will be automatically converted into a series of high-performance social ad campaigns. Those campaigns place your brand on social media in front active and passive candidates on Facebook and Instagram.
Monster cloud search puts together all of your resumes at a single secure place. This helps you compare candidates and match them with open roles. You can send email to multiple candidates at once using mass email function. Monster Analytics helps you understand, plan, forecast, and manage your talent recruitment process.
Why use it?
Monster helps companies streamline their overall recruitment process. That is because the Monster automates recruitment workflow so that recruiting managers can focus more on other aspects like reviewing and interviewing candidate, getting them onboard. When the system receives a new application, Monster immediately notify user about that. This helps them speed up hiring process. Monster is fully functional on mobile devices. This helps to receive and review new job applications, and continue hiring process on smartphones and tablets.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers likes that Monster provides a large resume database with tons of resumes available for each and every skill. This gives them many options for choosing right candidates. It allows you to send applicants resumes to your inbox. Monster is the most widely used job portal for recruitment.
Customers comment that monster has a user-friendly design with amazing database. It provides advanced filter with Boolean-search to narrow down candidates result.
Needs Improvement
Customers comment that some resumes are shown multiple time. It is annoying to open and close pop out resumes. Instead, there should be resume flip function. You can not filter candidates based on their work authorizations.
Similar Products in Industry
Other employment website products available in market are AngelList, Handshake, Co-hire,, SimplyHired, Talent Zoo, Indeed, Internship, Idealist, Stack Overflow Jobs etc