Net Base-Pros and Cons

General features

NetBase Deep Social Analytics track events, campaigns, and discover business audiences across geographies. It monitors and presents a real-time view of Brand’s health and lets businesses stay at the top of the most important conversations. NetBase Social Media Listening feature tracks passion intensity, behaviors and emotions, which gives great insight on audience sentiments.

NetBase Social Analytic Reporting creates robust custom reports. It provides Converged media analysis by combining data from separated views of owned, earned, and paid media. It Offers customizable, the visual dashboard for easy viewing of social data. NetBase provides an intimate understanding of your audience’s emotions, behaviors, interests, and affinities. Its Social Engagement feature allows you to know what people are commenting and sharing, what content pulls them in, and what channel they engage on most. NetBase compares your brand directly to competitors across hundreds of dimensions. It eliminates data silos by ingesting and analyzing all types of data, including surveys, reviews or customer care logs for a holistic understanding of brand.

Newer Innovations

NetBase is equipped with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence built on expert systems, deep learning, and machine learning to deliver insights in real-time. It provides an accurate and nuanced understanding of language with the ability to dig into sentiment-driven insights such as emotions, behaviors, and attributes to quickly spot emerging themes and insights.

NetBase integrated suite of analytics and reporting solutions is designed to support users of all levels of experience. All results and analyses are fully transparent and auditable, giving you trust in the data for more strategic initiatives. It has a global language coverage which includes 40+ languages. NetBase provides Lexical analysis on terms, hashtags, emojis, brands, people, things, and products for accurate sentiment analysis.
NetBase’s API can be used to input data into your own interface or visualization tools. NetBase Pro gives user the ability to quickly search any topic with no configuration needed. The Live reports are shared directly with executive stakeholders, which they need for agile decision making. NetBase has Advanced Natural Language Processing Technology for understanding and classifying complex language to ensure decision making based on highly accurate data.

Why use it?

NetBase helps in brand competitiveness and monitor social awareness from a single pane. It is very simple and easy to use; so the business adoption of its use is really good.

Industry’s Positive Comments

NetBase is considered as one of the best tool for social listening and brand sentiment analysis. Its real-time monitoring benefits businesses and their clients in understanding market trends and making timely decisions. NetBase great demographic features lets business analyze topics by people, where they live and who they are. Its built-in Natural language processing is a huge benefit of NetBase, which increases our faith in analysis. It increases our convenience by its features like Ease of reporting, Conversation Analysis, Easy to build dashboards, etc.

Needs Improvement

Few customers believe NetBase needs better integration on Instagram and Facebook. NetBase should include more number of platforms during analysis. Few also believe that more customization facility is needed in this platform.

Similar Products in Industry

Other Social media analytic software products available in the market are, Zoho Social, Salesforce, Mention, Social Studio, Khoros Marketing, Buffer, etc.