Net Suite ERP-Pros and Cons

General Information

NetSuite ERP offers multiple well-rounded functionalities around an entire, complex business. The software intelligently operates services anywhere from accounting/financials to analytics, making it very well-rounded. NetSuite uses minimal customization required for useful and efficient implementation, and it can save key reports and run the extremely quickly.

The software provides great intercompany elimination and global consodilation, and allows to et up for automation of different tools. NetSuite comes with not only memorized transactions, but also expense allocation, and is also ideal for the invoicing of different solicitations in the company.

Newer Innovations in NetSuite ERP

The software has implemented a SCA tool used for carrying out important functions, as well as having an automated data entry, so one doesn’t need to apply data manually. NetSuite also queries your database with saved searches, which saves a lot of time, and also has up to date inancial data continuously tracked

It comes with a built suitecommerce, which is advanced to satisfy different mid-market companies.

NetSuite comes with a tool to control quick flow of income to the company, making it easier to monitor profits made by the business.

Furthermore, the software allows one to bundle own sandbox items, and also utilize either managed or other bundles that have been shared to the specific site.

Why we use NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite provides a function, where you can save key reports and run them quickly, which is vital for businesses trying to run different tasks. Moreover, it is very unique and has an easy to use business model with it, which benefits companies overall.

NetSuite comes with very good documentation, and supports many different types of APIs. Furthermore, it has a complex system, which allows a skilled team to make the most out of the software to benefit their business.

Industry Positive Comments

NetSuite is highly user-friendly, and it is highly customizable by users. It is highly preached, that it comes with a unique business model, and that searching a large set of documents is very fast within the system. NetSuite comes with customization, which allows for more flexible implementations to the system.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in bringing in idea(s) that are something more “out of the box” rather than the most simplest of ideas. NetSuite also misses a lot of functionality in their programming, which explains that there hasn’t been any bug fixes or updates in the past 15 years. Its new innovation, SCA is extremely complex (which might not be for everyone) and is poorly documented. Finally, the cost of the service is getting higher every year, which might push away customers.

Similar Products in the Industry

NetSuite has other similar services alongside it in the market, which includes for example Sage Intacct, SYSPRO, Oracle ERP Cloud, Odoo, SAP ERP, Epicor ERP, Brightpearl, Microsoft Dynamics GP, FinancialForce ERP, OptiProERP