One flow-Pros and Cons

General features
Oneflow offers a powerful sales tool with an integrated e-signing solution and a live document editor. It allows to build awesome, responsive and stunning HTML based contract templates to automate the repetitive task of creating recurring contracts. It helps your HR team keep track of the entire e-contract process like when the e-contract is delivered, has been opened and how many times, a question is asked or a change is proposed, e-contract is signed.
Oneflow offers multi-factor authentication via SMS or electronic ID like BankID, NemID to increase security. This all-in-one platform is designed to connects and speed up entire contract workflow. Create contract, track, sign, archive and analyze into one seamless workflow. It allows both sender and recipient to invite other participants and delegate the signing rights.
Oneflow allow everyone involved collaborate on single platform. Everyone can make changes directly in the contract, and automatic notifications with a complete audit trail are sent to all when changes are made. You can also control access and share your favorite templates with your team.
Oneflow allows you to add an unlimited number of tags to your contracts that helps organize and categorize your contracts. It’s integrations with API and webhooks let you enjoy the benefits of Oneflow in your favorite systems or apps.
Other Features
Oneflow allows to restrict access to specific sections of your contracts. With Oneflow you can automate contract creation by populating data from CRM (Customer Relationship Management tool).
With Single Sign On (SSO) and Active Directory (AD), you don’t have to log into an extra application or modify your business process while still enjoying the benefits of electronic contract. With live document editor, you’re able to edit contract live, any edits made to the contract are “live” to all parties involved.
Oneflow enable you to separate contract collection for each team, department or entity. It enables you to perform searches on all your contracts and documents by keyword and then sort the search results by date, lifecycle events, and more.
Oneflow let you import and store all your existing contracts in one e-archive. You can send contracts to multiple recipient for e-signing all at once.
Why use it?
Oneflow provides solution for entire lifecycle of your contracts in one workspace. It’s integration with your CRM tool, gives you more streamlined workflow. As a result, your sales team can focus more time on selling and not on manual and redundant tasks.
Permissions management is a critical element of Oneflow to ensure the security of your sensitive files. Oneflow serves responsive HTML documents that makes your contracts adaptable to any screen size, making the e-signing experience streamlined.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers says that Oneflow offer all practical options, like adding parties from the address book or manually, sending reminders, getting updates and insight are easy to find and very useful. Automatic reminders go out if the recipient hasn’t answered it in time, as well as when they have signed, left a comment or asked to be contacted.
Customer comments that Oneflow allow them to produce, sign and administer contracts from any device, anywhere in the world. It also allow you to divide the contracts into different categories, which makes it easy to search them again. It is quick to understand, easy to use, and it drives business.
Needs Improvement
Customers dislike that they need to write a new email every time they send reminders to clients. They say that there should be some way to prevent signer from submitting uncomplete contract. There’s too many options for costumer to choose contract from but can’t upload own contracts.
Similar Products in Industry
Other E-signature tools available RepricerExpress, Qvidian, Paperless Proposal, Wavebid, PandaDoc, FieldSalesPro, Privia, DocuSign, Conga Contracts, Yesware etc.