One Span Sign-Pros and Cons

General features
OneSpan Sign (formerly eSignLive) is a reliable electronic signature solution that enables the most trusted and security-conscious brands in the world.
OneSpan sign provide accurate audit trails by capturing who signed, at what time, in what order, where. It also shows you how long it took the customer to sign a document and provides other details to prove compliance. It provides flexibility to adapt authentication to your business process. Authentication methods include: email, SMS text code, biometrics, 3rd party knowledge-based authentication (KBA) services, derived credentials, personal digital certificates, 3rd party ID verification services etc.
OneSpan Sign monitor the progress of your transactions, manage and archive transactions. You can view and track e-sign transactions from reports and dashboard. You can customize and use templates, layouts, and text tags to prepare frequently used documents. This reduces the number of steps to get documents ready for e-signing.
OneSpan Sign gives better signer experience for any channel and device. It provides flexibility to sign online, on a mobile device, in a call center, in-branch, or in-person. It also allows to capture handwritten signatures with your mobile device. OneSpan Sign allow you to put your brand front and center on web pages and emails for your signers, add your logo and customize the email content to reflect your brand.
OneSpan Sign gives you the flexibility to choose how and where you want to the deploy the solution – whether that’ a public cloud, private cloud or on-premises.
Newer Innovations
OneSpan Sign allows you to give access of your OneSpan Sign account to others in your organization while you are away. You can also delegate authority to your OneSpan Sign account to more than one person. OneSpan Sign allows you to control visibility of documents that means you can set who can view some documents in transaction. Not all recipient get access to all document in transaction.
OneSpan Sign Bulk Send feature lets you add a list of the recipients and send the documents in your transaction. While Fast Track feature lets you upload a document for signature and share it on-demand via a single URL. You can also share the URL to a large number of recipients or add the URL into your website or portal to automate the e-signing process. Both of these features reduce manual work and time required to send documents to a large volume of recipients for signature
OneSpan Sign supports eNotary for permitted jurisdictions which streamline the notarization process without the hassles of paper. Text tag feature of OneSpan Sign analyze the uploaded document, and replace every text that matches the Text Tag pattern with the appropriate signature or field.
OneSpan Sign provide a way to authentic user by behavior like how user interact with device; how he hold and use mouse, make keystrokes, how quickly move line-to-line or from page to page. When the behavior of the user who is trying to log in does not match the system step-up to additional biometric authentication. OneSpan Sign tamper seal documents after each signature and visibly invalidate documents if any changes are made.
Why use it?
OneSpan Sign’s intuitive UI and responsive design is built with all types of devices which makes it makes it easy for everyone to use. It is also really easy to integrate. It’s unified platform provides you the power to scale the use of e-signatures across your lines of business and departments – both locally and abroad
OneSpan Sign is available on more global data centers to help you meet your data residency requirements with security.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers comment that their clients are returning their digital paperwork with signature much faster than paperwork with hard copies. OneSpan sign have increased efficiency for document workflow and eliminated wasted time for printing, scanning and archiving documents. It also helps assembling the data that is present in scattered form into a much more organized way.
Customers really like the ability to create and save Layouts. With layouts we can quickly assign signature, text, and radio fields to the appropriate recipients in a matter of seconds. OneSpan sign’s provide ability to capture a signature offline via a mobile device set.
Needs Improvement
Customers says that to use some of the API integrations, OneSpan Sign required a special account, which is significantly more expensive. Customers get difficulty while searching document with OneSpan. It should provide a way to search document by their content or at least by the name of the signatory.
Customers dislike that after reaching transaction limit, they are charged per transaction. OneSpan Sign should allow to buy transaction in bulk.
Similar Products in Industry
Other E-signature solutions available in market are SignEasy, SignNow, eSignLive, SigPlus, Legalesign, PandaDoc, PDFco, Secured Signing, HelloSign, RightSignature etc.