Oneflow Contract Management Software Pros and Cons

General features

Oneflow is a contract builder with integrated e-signature software and a live contract editor. Its contract editor allows users to modify their contracts even as they negotiate in real time with their prospects. Oneflow provides automatic notifications about when the contract has been opened, updated, signed, and declined, and so on. It provides the facility of automatically storing the contract in contract archive. Oneflow allows Managing master templates, multiple teams, departments, projects, or business units from a single platform.  

Newer Innovations

Oneflow allows to drag and drop text blocks, images, product and pricing table, and more into contract template. It also allows the facility to record screen or add a video recording in a contract. Oneflow allows users to provide customers a list of Interactive Quotes. It serves responsive HTML document instead of static PDF pages to users. Oneflow makes contracts adaptable to any screen size, making the e-signing experience streamlined. Oneflow integrates with user’s CRM solution and provides a more streamlined workflow experience. Its Audit logs help users in being compliant with GDPR standards. Oneflow provides advance access control for security of sensitive files.

Why use it?

Oneflow’s intuitive all-in-one platform is designed to speed up the sales, hiring, and buying process. It is an end-to-end contract automation tool. Oneflow provides HTML-based contracts instead of pdf.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Oneflow makes workflow flowing and contributes to the overall good performance.

 It is fast and simple to create templates for every situation. 

It is Easy to design contracts.

One Flow develops valuable new features from time to time. 

 It’s extremely easy to use for users.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the people in the industry want its mobile version to be improved. It does not have nesting of layout elements in the designer. Its process of sending reminders to clients can be improved.

Similar Products in Industry 

Other Similar products available in market are Icertis, Scout RFP, PandaDoc, Accelo, Pramata, Conga Contracts,, DocuSign CLM etc.