Oracle E-Business Suite-Pros and Cons

General Information

Oracle E-Business Suite develops growth, customer satisfaction, as well as employee proficiency. It intelligently allows for full integration with every application in the software. EBS provides the solution to integrate your data effortlessly, through the general ledger, so that the business is able to produce work most efficiently. The features catch errors easily and conveys them, thus being user friendly. EBS also provides an extensive search function, which fetches data from a vast directory and accurately matches the closest value.

The software consists of wide financial concepts, as well as having high-quality integration with developers applications. EBS is able to analyze profability through multiple areas, including product, organization, channel etc. It can also bring together financial data from any source you can think of.

Newer Innovations in the Oracle EBS

EBS uses GAAP compliant accounting solutions for both corporate and governmental accounting. Furthermore, the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) has the feasibility of tracking down human resources and analyzing the data given to the software.

EBS comes with Smartview, which helps with the input of larger amount of data, as well as pulling through bigger, more complex reports.

Financial Reporting Studio provides a wide range of features to report the financial status of the current business prescribed.

EBS has Hyperion Planning, where you can build forms which are very easy to develop. It also uses the same structure around multiple dimensions, which are replicated across multiple services, providing easier build of the software.

Why do we use Oracle EBS?

EBS connects all financial management from interface to assets, and from requisitions to vouchering, providing a wide range of services for multiple businesses. The software allows multiple people to use it for their needs, without any compromising segregation of duty issues.

EBS having distinct features, you have the ability to interface with Excel and perform general ledger drills, as well as using a dashboard to track down progress, and different budgeting tools to enhance profit for the business.

Industry Positive Comments

A couple of the customers presribed it as an easy to use software, and that it isn’t too complex. EBS allows fast data exportation into Excel, from which further tasks are carried out quickly. It is easy to highly customize different services to perform any tasks required, like for example sales orders, quotes and billing. EBS has several different ways of displaying data and multiple methods of formatting it.

Needs Improvement

Some people believe that the software isn’t really visually appealing, having a “vintage-style” to it. EBS also requires multiple setups in different areas to finally optimize the system for perfect use, which might be irritating for some people trying to get quick results in. Moreover, the software has a tendency of freezing often, and it might get slow over time. EBS has nothing auto-saved, so one has to manually save all progress which might be hard to remember, and it has poor excel exporting function.

Similar Products in the Industry

Few similar softwares relating to managing finances in the industry consists of Peoplesoft, SAP ERP, EBS, Salesforce, Azure Search, SYSPRO, Odoo, Sage 100cloud, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Cloud X3 and Acumatica.

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