Oracle Procurement Cloud-Pros and Cons

General Information

Oracle Procurement Cloud aims to streamline source-to-pay process by means of automation and social collaboration while simultaneously controlling costs and aiming to achieve higher margins.
Oracle Procurement Cloud provides technology and innovations to modernize the infrastructure and simplify the process thereby resulting in streamlined procurement operations and reducing spending in the cloud. Oracle Procurement Cloud helps users determine and then assess their potential suppliers, filtering them effectively leaving you with those that provide the best value.

Newer Innovations in the Oracle Procurement Cloud

Oracle Procurement Cloud provides supplier qualification management. Users can agree to negotiation agreements with the suppliers that are in line with the company’s pricing terms.

Oracle Procurement Cloud helps in gaining procurement contracts. It provides insights that helps users to come up with better informed and balanced decisions. Oracle Procurement Cloud’s insights can be delivered through graphical award analysis .

Sourcing, purchasing and supplier portal are just another bunch of Oracle Procurement Cloud features.

Why we use Oracle Procurement Cloud?

Oracle Procurement Cloud uses the best industry practices to provide the users a rich experience using the platform.

Oracle Procurement Cloud’s user interface, reports and inquiries prove beneficial for the users.

Oracle Procurement Cloud make it easy to get approval at multiple levels.

Supplier negotiation and supplier registration helps build trust among users.

Oracle Procurement Cloud provides comprehensive product research which makes sure that the users drop mismatched solutions and choose the one which meets all their requirement.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the customers comment that Oracle Procurement Cloud helps in achieving and executing fast procurement process. This further helps in improving relationships with the suppliers. Some users like the feature of detailed registry present within the platform. Oracle Procurement Cloud platform is very easy to use. Oracle Procurement Cloud’s constant technical support is there to make sure that any queries are resolved as quickly as possible.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in focusing more on user support. The availability of too much customization in the platform may interfere with the user support. Sometimes there are too many updates released which makes it tedious for the users sometimes. Oracle Procurement Cloud’s search engine is a little rough. Oracle Procurement Cloud could focus on making search process smoother for users. Oracle Procurement Cloud is slightly expensive for the small companies.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are PandaDoc, Certify, Qwilr, SAP Ariba, Conga Contracts, Accelo,, Coupa Procurement, GetAccept and Tradeshift.