Oracle’s Agile-Pros and Cons

General Information
Oracle’s Agile product lifecycle management system is very very simple; users don’t require training; they use the tool like a google search and find what they need. Oracle’s Agile helps foster collaboration between internal team and suppliers. Its program is modular and can be used for a variety of different occurrences. Oracle’s Agile comes integrated with Oracle EBS, electronic signature capability, and ability to quickly tend and present data. The built-in workflows meet most of the client needs.
Newer Innovations in the Agile
Oracle’s Agile Enables to access IFUs for the products and shows BOMs and all components used. The best-innovated features include flexibility to manage all attributes of products, Secure access to product data with security and ability to customization to your requirement is very user-friendly. Oracle’s Agile also provides the recorded history of every transaction of each person hence easy to monitor every activity.
Another great aspect is data synchronization with external and internal data pools and integrated product life-cycles to collect useful data and retrieve anytime when needed.
Why we use Agile?
Oracle’s Agile comes integrated with Oracle EBS. You don’t need to write custom interfaces. The built-in workflows meet most of the client needs but allow small customizations if needed. It can work in and engineer to order and configure to order situation.
Customizable workflows allow us to target the work needed to release documents into Agile. It’s also a one-stop gateway between Engineering and Manufacturing. We no longer have to manually transition files between 2 different systems.
Industry Positive Comments
Some of the customers comment regarding Oracle’s Agile is its great product life cycle management tool at a cheaper cost; it provides clear picture of project with visually pleasant Dashboard. One of its most helpful feature is data synchronization and easy to link with HPQC so testing becomes very easy.
Needs Improvement
Some of the customers expect improvement in “open” button works approximately a third of the time, Data entry rules are lacking, bug fix or enhancement takes way to long, Each time user need to configure it and The forms can be a bit hard to understand for some clients.
Similar Products in the Industry
Some of the similar search products in the industry are Propel, Oracle Product Lifecycle Management Cloud, Prodigy, PTC Arbortext , ANSYS Sherlock Automated Design Analysis, Infor Cloud Suite PLM for Process (Opteva), Centro, Aras PLM, Arena PLM & QMS.