Paycom HR Management-Pros and Cons

General Features

Paycom is well known for its COBRA administrators (in the U.S.) and offers HR and Payroll Software into one single application keeping security standard in place. Paycom payroll system ensures that payrolls are processed quickly and on time without any error, which saves a lot of time from manual entry work. Paycom payroll eliminates the task to check reconciliation after every payroll. Paycom payroll grid helps in cut 50% time of processing payroll. Paycom provides real-time reporting to the employers, which automatically monitored employee usage scores with a graphical dashboard giving a detailed view about the product, timeframe, device, individual. It gives a detailed view and comparison between the data entry made by HR and employees to find more opportunities to increase productive employee usage. 

Paycom has inbuilt learning management system with the help of which employer can easily provide training to their employees by assigning courses which employee can complete it according to their convenience 24/7, reduces travel cost, customize training courses according to company needs and goals. 

Paycom talent management develops the employee for future growth, which helps in making an informed decision for their promotion, pay scale, and helps in retaining the best talent with the organization. Paycom enables one to find, hire, and onboard talent from different locations to meet the business needs and goals to achieve peak performances. Paycom manages to track worker’s time, punch in-out, overtime in real-time data, and able to manage expenses. Paycom keeps the performance record at every step and, with its dashboard visibility, shares the analytical ready report whenever required. Paycom offers employees to view their database and other reports at any time and from anywhere with its self-service app. 

Newer Innovation

Paycom is a powerful tool for HCM; it keeps improving its software functionalities by introducing new features to its users and customers. Paycom now enables to offer 360-degree feedback process where an employee will receive anonymous feedback from its managers or peers or even customer which helps in keep improving oneself. Paycom provides ad hoc analysis where reporting is being prepared for a specific need and hence reduces organization time spent on data collection, reporting or analysis. 

Paycom has now introduced a background check service feature, which makes it unique from another tool as it allows an employer to choose to an employee criminal record, educational verification, and employment verification. It also includes social security validation checks, sex offender registry, credit history before hiring or adding an employee to payroll; which is a huge time saver while employee check. Paycom has introduced performance evidence with the help of which client creates a lesson tool which allows employees to share their knowledge or mastery on a specific skill; which ensures they are truly utilizing the course material; and also helps in promoting employee development as managers are allowed to give direct feedback to their employee.  

Paycom video content creator allows subject matters expert to share their extensible knowledge to the user and then the user can upload their training video along with adding some questionnaire with it to check the viewer’s knowledge. Paycom has introduced Manager On-the-Go feature, which allows supervisors, managers to perform various tasks very easily like approving time-off requests, expense reimbursement from anywhere and anytime, 24/7. Paycom has introduced Ask here feature which offers one line of communication and allows employees to ask questions or queries directly to their company representatives and thus receive timely answers. Paycom has included Direct Data Exchange feature which helps HR team to focus on new business initiatives, and company executives can view high returns in productivity, engagement, and retention and offers employee to access data 24/7 which avoids after-hours calls for employment verification, benefits information.

Why should we use Paycom?

Paycom is a single database application that offers full HR services from recruiting to retirement functionality which requires no integration. Paycom is a human capital technology that is built on the payroll. Paycom ensures that sensitive information should be kept secure as it uses best security practices and has used 256-bit encryption technology along with 24/7 monitoring. Paycom platform allows the employee to access their information, 24/7. Paycom is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified application. Paycom reduces paperwork and hence lowers labor cost, increase productivity with high-quality employee engagement. Paycom offers a one-to-one service model that assigns a single point of contact to their customers to resolve all their queries. Paycom provides intuitive and seamless user experience allowing data to be entered at once and only once.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments are Paycom is being the best of the best tool as it is suitable for small to medium size organizations as it comes with a single application comprising all HR activities, Benefits, and Administrative activities at one platform. Paycom performance management is best among all; it helps in tracking and measuring team performance. Paycom is user friendly, easy to set up and has great reporting feature, which is easy to customize based on business needs and requirements. Paycom payroll processing reduces manual entry work and saves much time, which can be utilized in some strategic planning. Paycom has a customer service team, which helped a lot in every step whenever required with a single point of contact. Paycom is a platform allows super easy to access all the info from time-off request to 401k contributions.  

Needs Improvement

Thought leaders believe Paycom UI and workflow navigation is out-dated and can be modernized as compared to a new tool in the market. Paycom Learning modules should improve their content development and include security and compliance. Others commented that Paycom API should be more robust which should allow sharing of employee data bi-directionally as of now one can only export data from Paycom and everything needs to import manually as it does not allow to write into it. Paycom does not have an automated system which can avoid editing of employee hourly timesheet as it is much frustrating and time-consuming. Paycom can improve the payroll process as there are many steps involved to get it processed so it could have fewer clicks then it will become more user friendly.

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar product in the industry are UltiPro, Zenefits, ADP Total Source, Exenta, PayFocus, Harvest HCM, Cake HR, Zoho People, Calamari, Bitrix24.