Paycom Offers-Pros and Cons

General Information

Paycom offers its users complete HR solutions in a single database. It offers features like Talent Acquisitions, Time and Labor Management, operate from one database, thereby eliminating redundant data entry and the integration with multiple systems. Paycom provides end-to-end product solutions for Talent acquisition.

Newer Innovations in the Paycom

Paycom provides solutions for Talent Acquisition by finding the most qualified applicant from the talent pool. It makes sure the hiring/onboarding process are simple; and they quickly adapt to the needs of the company. Paycom keeps track of the individual’s growth and the company’s growth contributing to a more engaged workforce. The payroll analytics feature helps to pay the employees on time accurately. Paycom automates the HR tasks that are complex, tedious and time-consuming. The software provides many different reports for the companies to analyze end to end life-cycle of employee engagement. Paycom allows offers good set of feature to customize the employee portal as well. Paycom is a very manageable software with very easy to user-interface.

Why do we use Paycom?

The Paycom portal has been user-friendly for the employees in the companies. Its onboarding module is the most simple and efficient feature. Paycom’s cloud system is accessible at any place with an internet connection. From signing an employment agreement to filling out various forms, it ensures a simpler operations by employees, thereby making it very convenient for employees. Further, it eliminates paperwork while ensuring almost every process can be carried out electronically.

Industry Positive Comments

Business users believe Paycom gives all in one solution; and saves a lot of time and effort in doing multiple functions related to the human resources department. Along with many great features, it offers the applicants with job-links that fit directly into the system, therefore, storing most of the information already. Paycom’s mobile app can be easily integrated into the phone and the user interface is simply elegant. Businesses also like the full-featured payroll service able to handle a variety of payroll-related tasks.

Needs Improvement

Few believe that Paycom’s built-in web app is a little less than satisfactory. Changing of username should be allowed as it’s system allotted random numbers and digits which is difficult to remember. Others believe Paycom doesn’t allow fully enrolling in benefits. Sometimes the support is not responsive to the queries.

Similar Products in the Industry
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