CIO HOUSE understands that a stable organization needs continuous skilled talented pool of employees. This pool needs to be with very specific skills and custom suit to business needs.

Dedicated Experienced IT Partners support for Senior IT Hiring: We can talk your CIO and CBO language. At CIO HOUSE, we have senior experienced IT partners, who ensure that our recruitment services is custom made to what business needs. Not just recruitment executive, even our IT partners get intensively involved in initial screening of the candidates.  Unlike many other recruitment firms, wherein junior HR executives support senior Executive and IT SMEs hiring, CIO HOUSE brings in IT partners with 15+ years’ experience in global consulting. They will work with your HR and Business Team members to understand the real need, help refine the job description and then lookout for right SME Candidate delivery. This makes an informed consulting from stage one, wherein the right requirement gathering is done straight from the source, and then delivered for the source for his satisfaction.

Technology : We use a state of the art recruitment management system, so that process conceived for the business demand, is actually replicated into the recruitment and profiling process. This helps ensure seamless and structured journey of the candidate from the day we approach to the offer letter. It also helps us in providing clients with MIS on the vacancy management.

Process : At CIO HOUSE, we understand that every organization has it own process to maintain a pool for active and future needs. We understand this process and do support organizations so that they are better equipped for better business demands,

Spontaneous:  We do support our customers with quick resources if available in our pool, on our own payroll.  for key roles like program management, agile scrum master, business analyst, business process consultants etc. This does help our customers manier times for quick sail-through tough demand cycles.

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