PoliteMail HR Management-Pros and Cons

General Features

PoliteMail is an internal communication platform that easily plugs into Outlook which improves results. PoliteMail helps in measuring and improving outlook email broadcast to employees which increase employee email engagement by adding tools like list management, email analytic, responsive and impressive design. PoliteMail reduces manual data entry by synchronizing information such as emails, calls and contacts from other softwares. PoliteMail enables to see result within outlook which requires no website to log in or remembering passwords. PoliteMail creates impressive and responsive email which broadcast your email to read well on mobile devices and requires no Dreamweaver or HTML coding, you can easily create or edit HTML pages right in the email editor. PoliteMail helps in managing list from outlook and automatically synchronize upto date employee data with your HR systems, no import / export process requires. PoliteMail Syncronym helps in automatically synchronizes employee data to keep distribution lists up-to-date! PoliteMail offers adequate security to its database as its data security is designed in such a way that with its multiple service models it achieve the level of security as per organization standards. PoliteMail saves time as it provides responsive email page as we provide the message content which can easily be sent right from the outlook. PoliteMail helps in building brand impression. PoliteMail gives a big help to HR department when it comes to address employees by name or need to follow up on emails as per pre set reminders as it offers PoliteMail Personalization feature. PoliteMail is a comprehensive platform which easily plugs into Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Exchange and Office 365 infrastructure. PoliteMail analytics helps in analysing the records the rate at which emails are opened, downloaded or which link in email are followed. PoliteMail helps in increasing employee engagement as it reduces email overload.

Newwer Innovation

PoliteMail, to make internal communication easy and engaging it has introduced few new features such as: PoliteMail Webinar helps in recording webinar to improve internal team communication, email metrics and also adds an increase readership, engagement and manage campaigns. PoliteMail Webinar offers Open Visibilty, Appointment tracking, Subscription, Social Advocacy. PoliteMail TimeZone Sending feature helps enterprise communication teams in recognizing recipient’s working hours and schedules auto campaign broadcast emails and can reach the employees at the right time. PoliteMail Social advocacy let employees to share their corporate stories on their social media sites with just a click. PoliteMail offers PoliteMail flow connector feature which helps in create automated and behavioral based email work flow process within office 365 environment. PoliteMail has responsive and highly trained, knowledgeable support team which helps in increasing employee engagement goals. 

Why we use PoliteMail ?

PoliteMail helps in creating impressive, effective, reliable internal communication programs which shows meaningful results to leadership. PoliteMail create, send, track and measure outlook internal communication broadcasts. PoliteMail shares valuable insights through its Analytical reporting and email metrics which includes open, read-time, click through rates and also helps in know whether people are reading your newsletter or not, are they taking time to the HR and Benefits emails, Do employee training messages reach to the right people. PoliteMail enable to create impressive email and also creates Mobile Responsive Pages which are compatible with Outlook. PoliteMail has made internal communication and employee engagement much easy than ever. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that PoliteMail email analytics easily allows access to collect interesting information. PoliteMail is an outlook based email tracker which helps in internal communication to be effective and responsive. PoliteMail creates impressive emails, customize templates, schedule campaign, provides email metrics are its great feature. PoliteMail helps in reaching large number of audience based on their preference and behavior purchase. PoliteMail has the ability to save resources for the multiple users which if one user creates templates which are easily stored, can be used by everyone is helpful. PoliteMail has impressive, knowledgeable support team which always helps in resolving the query and meet the requirement and goal. 

Needs Improvement

PoliteMail should have some easy onboarding tool for any new account user. PoliteMail templates setup is little bit tricky and sometime clunky to use, hoping this improves in future and makes it comfortable to use. PoliteMail sometimes slowdown outlook for a minute and then by stopping and starting addon issue gets resolved but it is frustrating, it needs a fix. PoliteMail do not work with Gmail and do not work on Mac, it should take some steps to include it in its key features and compatibility. PoliteMail should work out not to include Preview message in the overall metrics. 

Similar Products in the Industry:

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