As your delivery partner on business change programmes of every shape and size, we help shape your change agenda and drive results. Working alongside your key staff, within your team, across your organization, we supply hands-on program and project managers, support functions and trusted advisors to support program governance.

All our project management consultants are qualified, experienced and we focus our experience into developing our consultants to focus on successful delivery.

We offer a best in class Project Management tool, as a service for you to collaborate on Agile Sprint Planning, Design and Execution Follow-ups.

We combine many years’ experience with proven methods and tools and ensure our client’s particular environments and organizations are tackled appropriately and effectively. Confidence of outcomes is increased, risk reduced and quality guaranteed because we understand your business and work closely with you.

In the manufacturing and oil & gas sector, we specialize in delivering total solutions on fixed price packages of work. This requires effective project management, supply chain management and an in-depth understanding of technical integration challenges. This way we help our clients to minimize risk and to deliver technically challenging programs from different locations.

We also provide extensive project and program management for major communications and systems installations, supporting clients with technical, procurement, planning and support services

Our processes are defined and designed to cause minimal disruption to our clients’ normal business operations and each step of the process is subject to service level agreements with our client, and measured against key performance indicators.

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