Ranorex Studio Test Automation

General Features

Ranorex Studio comes with all-in-one, fast, reliable automation testing platform which is can be easily used by all type of users : From novices to expert. Ranorex Studio helps in creating sophisticated tests for Web, Mobile and Desktop. Ranorex Studio tools can be easily used by automation novices for codeless automation and built-in methodology which can automate data driven or keyword driven testing. Ranorex Studio functional UI test supports broad range of testing from legacy application test to latest web and mobile technologies. Ranorex Studio focuses on quality results of your application instead of focussing on automation. Ranorex Studio with Ranorex Webtestit and Selocity handles the complicated details by automatically scaffolds test frameworks, generate page object, produce reliable selectors and reduces the effort involved needed to automate or executing testing. Ranorex accelerates the process of getting fast feedback which enables developer to collect the feedback, spot and sort out the bug and fix it fast which ensures application will perform well. Ranorex Studio automatically triggers smoke tests or run full or partial regression test end-to-end when a large release it to be made. Ranorex Studio provides customizable reports providing PDF or Junit-compatible format options. Ranorex Studio has quick links for Live and On-Demand Webinars which offers ease to have Q&A with Ranorex Team and also offers to watch their on-demand sessions. Ranorex Studio helps in increase, explore and expand software testing knowledge with free screencasts, informative testing articles and more. Ranorex Studio helps in keep you upto date with its latest testing automation topics via Ranorex Blog Feature. Ranorex Studio is a light weight and comes with complete set of IDE DevOps tool for building UI web sets. Ranorex Studio is Intuitive, Relevant platform with supporting latest technologies and its complexity. 

Newer Innovation

Ranorex Studio with addition to new features represent the next generation of test automation platform. Ranorex Studio increased its usability, reliability, performance which now includes dark/light theming, new file and project wizard. Ranorex new features offers easy view and allows to organize all testing reports to be at one place. Ranorex Studio understands how important are the test reports for the quality of testing process so now Ranorex has added TestRail Integration which helps in managing test case to be easily import with Open browser option added to the dropdown, identify the location where the testcases are located and stored and then allow easy export. Ranorex TestRail integration allows report to be expanded when it comes to go in depth of any reported error and also collapse to keep things organized. Ranorex Studio enables 64-bit application automation and debugging. Ranorex Studio implemented with machine learning to automatically recognize dynamic IDs in web application. Ranorex Studio supports JxBrowser. Ranorex Studio offers video recording of quality testing execution so as to improve debugging process and fixing it with detailed understanding. Ranorex Studio can now be able to test execution performance at faster rate for web applications. Ranorex Studio secure your application source code with integrating Assembla.

Why we use Ranorex Studio?

Ranorex Studio is the best automation tool in the market. Ranorex Studio has easy user interface which helps both technical and non-technical people to contribute to the project. Ranorex Studio enables active development with wonderful community support. Ranorex Studio usage of Selenium WebDriver integration enables cross browser web tests to be distributed across multiple browsers and OS at the same time. Ranorex Studio includes Kiuwan for end-to-end application security platform. Ranorex Studio is the tool which offers and delivers all-in-one test automation for Desktop, Web and Mobile. Ranorex Studio is trusted by more than 4000+ companies and 14000+ users. Ranorex Studio build automated tests at a great and fast rate and deploy reliably with or without coding. Ranorex Studio allows beginners to easily build the sophisticated tests with codeless automation tool. Ranorex Studio easily build data driven test by adding links to spreadsheet, datatables. Ranorex Studio comes with full IDE which helps the testers and boost team productivity to build automation modules based on some programming language which includes productive features like Intelligent code completion, tools for debugging and more. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Ranorex Studio has very easy UI and robust platform to use. Ranorex Studio helps in reducing pressured project timelines by reducing testing time for more complex module or for tedious testing a developer do. Ranorex Studio provides detailed reporting of run summary which is eye catchy and pretty and even includes results for screenshots. Ranorex Studio helps in speed up the automation testing process. Ranorex Studio jumping to a particular code in a report is very good and helpful to spot and sort the issue to be debug. Ranorex Studio executes more in less time which saves money and resources and helps in meet the desirable objective and goal. 

Needs Improvement

Ranorex Studio has limitations with the programming language; it only use #c and Vb.Net. Ranorex Studio should offer free version with limited features is appreciable as it comes with only Paid Version. Ranorex Studio should able to handle large number of queries as of now it is unable to handle 1000 queries on the page. Ranorex Studio Binding with other source is pretty good but object recognition in .NET desktop app sometime do not work. Ranorex Studio should be implemented in such a way to use it as a cross platform like other solution Katalon Studio do but overall Ranorex is better. Ranorex Studio captures screenshot but unable to provide name to screenshot. Ranorex Studio do not help in identifying the table when data is with more number of rows. Ranorex Studio always ask for admin rights to open which IT Admin team will not give. Ranorex Studio increase amount of time to find the control, when it comes to captured expression modification 

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