Sales Force Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings its engaging customers, prospective and companies together at one platform that gives all departments including marketing, sales and service- a single, shared view of every customer. Salesforce is mainly used by sales organization to collaborate multiple departments. Salesforce has email studio feature  which helps in sending bulk emails or helps in send to targeted individuals and can even create 1-1 conversations. This helps company to customize their interactions and personalize their email communications. Salesforce drag and drop functionality let hone subscribe list very easily so that messaging will always be relevant. Salesforce filters millions of customer profiles in seconds and get instant counts for sending emails or template to them. Salesforce automates import, segments and filter data form any source. Salesforce deliver more dimensional, interactive, fun experiences in subscriber’s inbox.

Newer Innovation

SalesForce is an automated customer relationship management tool for any organization which helps in maintain customer relations for a detailed account management. SaleForce helps in managing daily work, visualization and planning tasks, objectives, customer visits and almost meets all the requirement that an account requires. salesforce is a tool which is used to track customer potential, price point, customer communication, project management timelines and much more. SalesForce is a versatile tool used to keep a track on customer’s success. With its segmentation feature, emails can be segmented according to certain characteristics which offers help in creation of targeted campaign. SalesForce also offers creation of dynamic messages such as custom scripts/HTML codes which helps in creation of professional emails according to your choice and help business to increase their success. SalesForce enable to import data from any source. SalesForce email studio is an automation function which helps in scheduling of campaign so that it reaches at the right time to the right people.                                                                                                                 

Why we use SalesForce?

SalesForce Email Studio helps create highly personalised emails with drag-and-drop ease. SalesForce UI is user-friendly platform with well laid out and easy to use and understand containing streamlining, visibility as well as Intuitive. SalesForce deliver more dimensional, interactive, and fun experiences in your subscribers’ inbox. SalesForce automatically import, segment, and filter data from any source — so you can focus on creating great campaigns. SalesForce has much more modernized features than its predecessor. SalesForce automates everything which saves time, money and become more efficient. SalesForce automation features and scalability enhance the subscriber experience.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that SalesForce is great CRM platform. SalesForce is easy to setup and implement. The learning curve is low and thus coding requirement is less. SalesForce is excellent tool to manage clients of different categories, size and needs . SalesForce address business problems such as proactive communication with customers, helps in raising theor cases/ queries to internal department and team members for better and effective communication. SalesForce has made one’s life easy keeping all communication at one place , also offers tagging team members which saves time too. SalesForce helps in keeping customers all upto date with product updates. Upcoming releases and new features. SalesForce analytic and streamline reporting helps in tracking open rates, performance on multiple metrics. SalesForce is robust, scalable and reliable. SalesForce offers toggling between WYSIWYG editor and HTML which users enjoys and love to do.

Needs Improvement 

SalesForce’s  learning navigation and UI can be improved and modernized which will be more easy to use.  SalesForce should offer more A/B testing options which helps in optimization content, messaging and offers more creativity. Reporting tool could stand to be a little more robust. More dev features are needed to attract long-time developers. Platform is powerful, but still has room for improvement. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio seems to be suited for large companies that send a lot of emails. If not, it’s quite expensive for a small business or someone that doesn’t do this to utilize or benefit from it. Integration with other SalesForce and Ecommerce Platform can be done with modern workflow which have ease to use.

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