SAP ERP-Pros and Cons

General Information

SAP ERP sharpens competitive edge on the growth of enterprise resource planning. The software is a proven, trusted foundation, built to support the world’s largest organizations. SAP ERP can produce services in relation to banking sectors, which handles bank statements and to clear or process the payments.

The software is extremely flexible, with the use of making financial tables, as well as streamlining processes across procurement, manufacturing, service etc. SAP ERP is deployed with business intelligence and data analytical tools through different integration strategies, which proves to be critical for businesses.

Newer Innovations in the SAP ERP

The software uses the MRP process, which allows businesses to focus on their core competency and leave the less important matters aside.

SAP ERP uses HCM and CRM modules to manage sales and distribution, financial and controlling.

It uses Material Management and Quality Management to provide high-quality storage of important data and files crucial for the business. SAP ERP provides services that are very tightly integrated to with each other, providing high quality service.

The software uses highly efficient Sales & distribution to provide essential needs for the business, which can be key to the overall development and success for the business itself.

Why we use SAP ERP?

SAP ERP allows businesses to focus on their core ideas, leaving the software to do the minimalistic needs by itself, saving a lot of time for the business. It also comes with easy integration and customization of the features.

SAP ERP, with the use of strong collaboration with different departments, is able to make the most of the services provided to the customers, with high-quality results. It provides easy management with supplier and customers, providing good results for both parties.

Industry Positive Comments

SAP ERP has a user-friendly system, and that it has extremely strong and easy data forecasting. The software also provides a lot of flexibility, which overall makes it relevant for growing businesses, which pulls in more customers. SAP ERP, once implemented correctly, can make quick, crucial decisions in the development of the business, which makes it “most useful in all aspects of the business cycle”.

Needs Improvement

The software is overly complex in some cases, and requires highly developed skills to program and use a program to make the most out of the software. SAP ERP uses a poor user interface, which doesn’t provide a pleasant working experience at times. It also comes with a high license fee as well, and therefore takes considerable money and time to implement.

Similar Products in the Industry

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