SAP GRC-Pros and Cons

General Information

SAP GRC is an effective compliance solution that is helping businesses of all sizes grow. It helps prevent risk events and compliance violations.SAP GRC helps the managers gain confidence as it gives them the complete visibility of all the controls that are deployed and the same can be confirmed with the results. It gives a centralized operation of all users and authorizations. The platform offers a sophisticated way of producing a Global Repository and then further helping out the finance department in managing the number of controls at the same time.

SAP GRC helps safely maintain GRC regulations. The software has proved itself to be instrumental in security measures as well.

SAP GRC streamlines the user provisioning process by having all the security roles pre-approved by management. The approval/denial process works much better in this platform. IT provides easy to manage costs across multiple departments in a larger corporation. The software gives one of the best company portal interface.

Why we use SAP GRC?

SAP GRC can manage a range of functions at once. It provides proper integration with different components and manages all security roles under one system; thereby making compliance operations more streamlined. SAP GRC secures all the user’s authorization access to prevent any unwanted user from accessing the most sensible transaction, while completing their daily tasks. It offers a comprehensive approach to SOD reporting as well.

Industry Positive Comments

SAP GRC streamlines the auditing process for the customers. The integration of workflows also really helps. SAP GRC provides reviewing/approving on a single screen. The software identifies risks across all roles which in turn reduces the segregation of duties. SAP GRC integrates well with all SAP Platform and addresses user provisioning.

Needs Improvement

Few thoguht leaders commented that SAP GRC must work on the integration with non-SAP products as it is very SAP oriented. Business users would like to be able to do cross-system SODs. SAP GRC sometimes causes trouble in implementation and clearing several complex SOD conflicts. Few technical folks believe that its tools have bugs in sync jobs. Few commented that SAP GRC does not support scoping and prioritization of audit universe and this hinders the scalability of audit management for large internal audit organizations.

Similar Products in the Industry
Other similar products in the industry include FastPath Assure, ZenGRC, ERP Maestro, AuditBoard, ETQ Reliance, HighBond, RSA Archer, MetricStream, LogicGate and OracleGRC.