Sauce Labs-Pros and Cons

General Features

Sauce Labs is one of the largest cloud-based software which helps developers to test their mobile based or desktop-based applications. Sauce Labs with its wonderful features of testing the apps makes user life easy and makes product or apps development issue resolve faster. Sauce Labs enables user to improve application quality and deploy software with confidence across more then 800+ updated browser and updated OS Platforms like windows, Linux, IOS, Android Etc. to test their mobile or desktop apps. Sauce Labs is highly optimized to provide continuous integration and continuous delivery. Sauce Labs while testing the apps ensures to the user to deliver a friendly user interface to understand the bugs and makes them easy to debug with the help of debugging tools. Sauce Labs with its highly technical support team along with a perfect expert documentation and product learning modules allows user to have a consistent and incredible support while testing and debugging the issues of the mobile or desktop-based apps. Sauce Labs enable to have a detailed report of the testing with the help of its feature test analytics. Sauce Labs with its security features ensure user for the security of the data that the data will not be exposed and once the test is done. Sauce labs provides a unique report which has the metadata, access to selenium logs, screen shots, Video recording and list of commands and responses. Sauce Labs runs daily test, run unit tests, integration tests and end-to-end test through which developer is well confident and ensure that software will perform well along with its infrastructure compatibility. Sauce Lab reliable infrastructure which works well with new and powerful technologies such as Appium, JS unit, Selenium. Sauce Lab helps in automate testing at every phase of development to innovate quickly without compromising quality.

Newer Innovation

Sauce Labs with its newer innovation has created a new open source program office by which they are ensuring the user to have the wonderful team to be in their office to resolve all your issues. Sauce Labs also ensures for the best response on the updated and latest technologies. Sauce Labs has upgraded its layout to be flexible so user can have the resize option in to the panels. Sauce Labs has updated its command text to be clear now the object locator will show by its name to have  a clear command text and also added the HTML responses to their command details. Sauce Labs with its updated feature allows user to share its URL whenever he wants and can also share the URL for any specific command where he wants to do anything. Sauce labs has changed test visibility to became more understood and easier to debug or create a report or understand the problem at any extend which makes the product life cycle faster than ever. Sauce labs enable the feature of filter commands which allows to check the portion of their commands by taking screen shot while testing. Sauce Lab advanced features like test analytics, extended debugging, sauce performance & headless improve developer productivity, saves time and money and accelerate release cycles. Sauce Lab now offers keyboard support for command navigation to move next/previous command, Pause/Play video using pace bar. Sauce Lab has the ability to resize the panels with its flexible layouts. Sauce Lab with its new added feature of grouping        feature and Dashboard tool helps in letting know what test(s) are failing and issue(s) each time.

Why we use Sauce Labs ?

Sauce Labs is a platform which ensure company or its developers to work the apps flawless with any browser or with any device or at any OS. Sauce Labs has the ability to helps and speedup your product lifecycle on its development. Sauce Labs offers one of best testing tools for your app to run smoothly on any device or at any browser. Sauce labs with its regular updates makes it easy to test your app on more than 800 browser and OS to work effectively without any bug or errors. Sauce Labs with its real time testing enable the app to test in a very less time and ensure to work and compatible with all the browser and OS. Sauce Lab has most powerful, reliable, scalable and valuable cloud based capabilities. Sauce Lab daily and continuous testing provides fast feedback throughout the development cycle which makes debugging process fast and easy resulting quality.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that Sauce Labs has a very user friendly interface which ensures user to work perfectly and test its product easily and in less time. Sauce lab enables to upload new APKs very easily from different user which makes current version test easier . Sauce Labs allows user from connect with its cloud based lab from any network . Sauce Labs makes to run the test of you product on any devices and test the bugs really faster than any other testing apps . Sauce Labs with its feature of cross browser has a large number to list of browser and OS which makes app to run perfectly on all platforms. Sauce Lab has rarely downtime as it is 99.9% up and running, running automated tests around the clock, at least every hour hence a reliable platform. Sauce Lab is incredibly cheap platform to use to have assured testing results.

Needs Improvement

Sauce Labs needs to improve with some of its feature like the device which is used more frequently should be kept on top of the list instead of having them on dropdown list. Sauce Labs should improve the integration with sauce connect as it is not flexible enough. Sauce Labs should improve their costumer supports as sometimes they takes more time to respond or to take action on the tickets. Sauce Labs has a wide range of browser and OS on which user can test their app  but some of them are not updated like while testing the app its doesn’t work on the updated version of Android. Sauce Lab is complicated to use when it is required to use custom OS/Brower/Simulator/Emulator or any custom configuration. Sauce Lab testing with real devices are slow at times which makes execution slow and thus needs improvement.


Similar Products in the Industry:

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