Scout RFP Contract Management Software Pros and Cons

General features

Scout RFP is a cloud based software that allows procurement and sourcing professionals to launch and manage sourcing events across organizations. Its event updates and deadline reminder features help users to stay up to date on the upcoming events and their deadlines. Scout RFP’s platform provides collaboration, visibility, and usability to the entire enterprise. Its event progress dashboard keeps user notified about the progress of the events.

Newer Innovations

Scout RFP’s reverse auction allows to Shorten negotiations with transparent bidding and advance supplier relationships. It provides total visibility into sourcing processes, project execution, and enterprise collaboration. Scout RFP provides quick sourcing with countless opportunities. It provides Scalable and reliable processes that automatically capture, monitor, and manage all supplier forms. Scout RFP provides one centralized view into the supply base to monitor performance, collaborate on quarterly business reviews, and maximize innovation. It allows creating internal and external scorecards with custom data fields. Scout RFP provides Data-driven and analytical negotiation to help getting greater business outcomes. It provides Controlled auto-renewals, full visibility for legal, finance, and security with collaborative contract management.

Why use it?

Scout RFP is easy to use sourcing and supplier engagement software with a simple user interface that provide collaborative and simplified sourcing.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments of the people in the industry are –

Scout RFP is very Easy to use and convenient.

It is Easy to use for Category Managers.

Its pipeline planning functionality is amazing.

Scout provides you with dashboard capability to manage, and forecast sourcing projects effectively.

Its side by side comparison it makes viewing multiple vendors easy.

 Needs Improvement

Some of the people in the industry want the ability to have templates shared between companies. Scout needs to increase its built-in graphical dashboards. Its email notification customization needs to be improved.

Similar Products in Industry 

Other Similar products available in market are Icertis, PandaDoc, Accelo, Conga Contracts, Oneflow, Pramata,, DocuSign CLM etc.