See Test Automation-Pros and Cos

General Features
SeeTest is a platform perform continuous test for mobile and web applications. SeeTest allows user to test their app on 2000+ real IOS & mobile devices. SeeTest integrates with Xcode, XCUITest and Android studio to debug your application in real time to run your app perfectly in all the platform and devices without fail. SeeTest makes it possible to check the memory and CPU usage while testing your app. SeeTest allows user to test their apps securely with their development by creating network tunnel which saves the data of your app. SeeTest cloud user to test the mobile or web at any platform with any version of the browser. SeeTest tests complex use-cases such as barcode & check scanning, audio features, GPS, and TouchID. SeeTest helps in Local manual test with a remote desktop and mobile browsers by creating a secure tunnel remove the bugs and makes the app work for release. SeeTest allows user to have multiple parallel test user can schedule and execute test across multiple desktop browsers with various versions. SeeTest simple editor and detailed views allow user to have automated test using Appium tests directly. SeeTest allows user to view your real time grid view of desktop browser screen and notification live. SeeTest rapidly identify errors and perform root cause analysis. SeeTest use customized dashboards, detailed sharable reports, test screenshots, and videos to improve test automation quality , reliability and stability. SeeTest with its world wide global data centers ensure that their support to the users is outstanding as it has certified data centers for secure testing of web and mobile applications which ensures security and speed guaranteed.
Newwer Innovation
SeeTest with its latest features allows user to separate the data of different types which includes steps , test data , debug data, device logs, and video record. SeeTest testers while engaged in mobile test automation can monitor device’s CPU and Memory and also allows them to tweak their application even more now. SeeTest has advanced touch capabilities allows testers simulating actions of a device user which is divided into 3 main actions – Touch-Down, Touch-Move, Touch-Up which are the actions how long user should touch down a finger, how the user should move their finger and touch-up completes the test action which inform when a user should take off from the screen. SeeTest use sim switcher to test sim card configuration on a network which is beneficial in speeding up the mobile test automation when delivering better coverage. SeeTest helps in test the application by setting Latitude and Longitude and run the test smoothly and removes the need of physical travel of testing team to different location which makes location based feature simple to use. SeeTest comes with Mock Fingerprint Authentication which provides testers simulating fingerprints authentication to set authentication reply. SeeTest comes with Camera Mockup which includes scanning checks, scanning documents, reading barcodes and QR codes by using a device’s camera. SeeTest enable to test audio commands function properly on device by simply injecting an audio file. SeeTest now offers mobile manual testing which comes with excellent documentation, issues can easily be reported and shared by taking screenshot, generate videos and quickly debug issue, can perform manual actions like Zoom in and out, Refresh, End Web Session, Copy Paste to inner browser, Extend session timeout. SeeTest now can generate video test reports which helps in easy identification of issues and their cause.
Why we use SeeTest?
SeeTest is a simple, easy and effective tool implemented for doing Web and Mobile application testing with very less script. SeeTest is easy to test and easy for continuous integration. SeeTest navigation through app is very clean and clear. SeeTest helps in execute test very efficiently with very less efforts which saves time and resources. SeeTest has the capability of automating IOS without Mac getting full control is mind blowing. SeeTest is user friendly where there is no need to manage Appium issue, connectivity, Selenium grid and get all information one needs on the platform. SeeTest allows reusability of test cases, cross browsing testing and can run parallel test with the help of license.
Industry Positive Comment
Some of the industry positive comments is that SeeTest is best in integrating with other API and tools makes it easy to meet the requirement of the product. SeeTest object-based report is very easy to understand the reports even more better which indicates the part of object which is replaced while testing to the programmer to increase the product life cycle SeeTest with its cross browser testing ability is very helpful and ease to use. SeeTest is very easy to setup even in new machines also with its step by step instructions.
Needs Improvement
SeeTest though offers many great features and functionality but SeeTest License works only one user per IP address or one instance. SeeTest needs to implement some of the features that a QA team required to test mobile app like Device Time, Device Time Zone, Device Language. SeeTest should come with competitive pricing in the market. SeeTest sometime unable to recognize connection between user and mobile due to slow connectivity, it can be improved better with the upcoming releases. SeeTest has limitation to not to use mobile shell Appium command, has limited support automation framework/programming languages. SeeTest do not allow to use reporting systems.

Similar Products in the Industry:
Some of the similar product in the industry are UserTesting, Postman, TestComplete, Apache JMeter, PractiTest, Xcode, LambdaTest, Ranorex Studio, BrowserStack, Sauce Labs.