Send with us HR Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Send with us is an email production platform which allows users to create transactional mails and helps in triggering them faster. Send with us enables predesigned templates to be shared and users can reuse the code and create their own template to create its email more useful and meaningful. Send with us offers A/B testing which helps in optimizing and testing email content with proper subject line and URL links. Send with us has a feature of advance segmentation which allows user to track real time activities with its AWS redshift integration. Send with us allow user to be more personalize, interactive and engaging based on their websites, social apps. Send with us empower its marketer to easily edit create makes it possible to connect your customized integration with digital message services .Send with us automated feature allows user to send auto generated mails as per their activities like send welcome mail, purchase behaviour and other event. Send with us allows organizations to have flexible plan to choose according to their requirement Send with us offers multiuser account feature through which user can login to same account to maintain single account. Send with us allows user to set the permission to get access to your data, features and objects based on the user roles. Send with us enables easy to find, edit, update and monitor the templates, using jinja in templates is really powerful for those who excel at formatting and email marketing.    

Newer Innovation

Sendwithus comes with some innovative and different feature from other platform which makes it marketing leader. Sendwithus now comes with multiple ESP accounts with the help of which the user be now able to know which email are sent through which account by using ESP account in API and template ESP account, it comes in a great help when emails are sent across different domain and different customers. Sendwithus integration with Jinja, Snippet using the Api helps in easy creating and previewing the templates makes user life easy in sending emails. Sendwithus enables user to view your transactional emails now in their website browser, mobile devices or any uncommon browser with its great feature called email web view. Sendwithus feature called bounce report enables user to know the email is delivered or not and if it is not delivered whats the reason of it and should be corrected as soon as possible. Sendwithus with its go global feature localize and translate the email content based on customer preference and location. Sendwithus with its analytical reporting structure offers metric dashboard which gives complete picture of user activity, open rates, click through. 

Why we use Sendwithus?

Sendwithus is simple and easy way to create your transactional email and template which looks beautiful in the market with better mails. Sendwithus is a reliable and easy to setup platform which helps any new user to become a subscriber. Sendwithus allows conversion tracking which helps in directly view how a recipient interacts with the email and moves through to purchase. Sendwithus comes with first mobile email with DML which easily and quickly helps in creating responsive and mobile-friendly email experiences. Sendwithus has an excellent API documentation which helps the developer in easy integration and implementation. Sendwithus has intuitive user interface which offers more engagement. Sendwithus can be widely used by all kind and size of organization .

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that the Sendwithus dashboard is intuitive which helps in exploring all campaigns results at one place. Sendwithus user friendly platform helps in creating impressive and beautiful template with the help of email editor which results in more engagement of audience. Sendwithus enables to send surveys and polls securely to the contact list which provides great help in planning business actions. Sendwithus drip campaign allows to have great result on campaign. Sendwithus let user to easily import and export contact list which saves times. Sendwithus ability to test emails with the help of A/B testing which ensures that the email reaches to the right people is a great help. 

Needs Improvement

Sendwithus though comes with wonderful features but some where it needs improvement to become robust platform. Sendwithus search email in the list is bit tricky and complex which demands more time. Sendwithus reporting feature could be improve and should be more comprehensive. Sendwithus creating emails via HTML is slightly complicated. Sendwithus template editing option sometimes do not timely publish so it could be improve in upcoming releases 

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar product in the industry are Privy, Amazon SES, PostMark, Mandril,Sendpulse, Sendinblue, Mailjet,Oracle Dyn Email, Mailgun, Twillo Sendgrid Email API .