Sendinblue Email Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

Sendinblue is All-in-one automate marketing toolbox which helps in engaging, communicating and grow in one platform with email, SMS, landing pages, ads and more. Sendinblue take off your business with complete sales, marketing tool which adds growth in sales hence overall it helps in grow, sale and engage. Sendinblue focuses on the important and targeted stuff and put rest on autopilot with automation. Sendinblue is easy to use and setup with mass use of emails. Sendinblue reporting feature is useful and share detail report when we talk about statistics, open rates and clicks. Sendinblue “send time optimization” feature helps in increase open rates which picks the right time in sending emails. Sendinblue market campaign, transactional emails and automation helps in growing relationship with clients. Sendinblue enables one to send compelling email and SMS to its contact list. Sendinblue has webhook feature which helps in integration with other automation platform with Sendinblue email, SMS and other services. Sendinblue offers multi-step, multi-channel campaigns in a minute. Sendinblue offers 8 out of the box automation workflow templates. Sendinblue offers customizable and flexible templates. Sendinblue allows users to edit text, templates and create professional and clean newsletter. Sendinblue comes with Google Analytics Integration. Sendinblue helps in building dynamic list where contacts are updated every 24 hours. Sendinblue comes with a tool like a heatmap which will help in setting up on straight path to improve previous campaigns. Sendinblue is undoubtedly the best reference marketing solution in the market.

Newer Innovation

Sendinblue attractive features has made it choose by over 80,000 customers around the world because it offers competitive pricing as compared to other email marketing tools in the market. Sendinblue drag and drop builder helps in creating campaign where one can choose the template and customize / design it in the way they want. Sendinblue team will be there at back which offers great customer service support to its clients to resolve their concern and query. As we know that to have successful business, marketing strategy should be well planned and for it Sendinblue offers segmentation feature, by skilfully implementing contact segmentation on your email lists, you can optimize your open and click rates, further personalize relationships with the public, prospects and customers. Sendinblue will provide you real time report with all the relevant data for each subscribers in your list which will consist of breakdown of the number of views, unique views, clicks, unique clicks, unsubscribe requests, and bounces that occurred as a result of your mailing. You can see which user has read your email and which user has marked the email as Spam. Sendinblue comes with various ecommerce plugins like Prestashop, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce Plugins for WordPress, Salesforce, Drupal, OptinMonster. Sendinblue let you customize signup forms, convert landing pages and helps in posting FB Ads and creates professional looking email in no time. Most exciting thing is its free account, one can sign up and test all its features and compare its competitive pricing plans before making any purchase.

Why we use Sendinblue?

Sendinblue being all-in-one automation platform build connections with customers and engage more number of people with the help of Email marketing, SMS marketing and Chat services. Sendinblue is easy to setup and configure, one can easy learn how to use this platform, customize templates, have its own design layout. Sendinblue ensure that your data is highly secured, maintaining privacy which makes it reliable platform. Sendinblue shows ad to visitor while they browse website and bring them back to convert. Sendinblue offers launching of Facebook ads from your account to reach new audience or retarget the contacts. Sendinblue has good template quality and list management also works very well.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry’s positive comments is that Sendinblue is easy to setup and configure. Sendinblue is very user-friendly also when compared to similar tools, Sendinblue pricing is highly competitive and it offers free account which attracts one before any purchase made. Sendinblue send personalize email campaign to a segment of customer base, offers Facebook Ads  which helps in building strong relationships, Sendinblue creates reports and analytics regarding your transactional emails. Sendinblue is very easy to use, with a very intuitive interface, works perfectly with the HTML code. No layout change while creating template. Sendinblue customizable templates and newsletter are easy to use and implement. Sendinblue helps in engaging more people and helps in retargeting the contacts and audiences. Sendinblue makes life easy with its personalization, communication and conversion tool features.

Needs Improvement

Sendinblue is turning as good potential in the email marketing but it needs improvement like the email design feature is simple in it what it offers but it can improve in its content feature and  would be great if added preview the email feature on a mobile device. The customer support could have included Phone support so that a query can be resolved asap via a phone call. Sendinblue has automation feature which is a good start, but the system is limited and clunky, can be made more automated with enhanced UI as compared to its competitors. Sendinblue contact management would be really nice if there would be more customize columns to the contacts (e.g. for gender). Sendinblue reporting feature needs improvement, it can be made more detailed to analysis the contacts, email sent to the contacts, open rates. Sendinblue do not have direct integration with social media platforms as it uses third party to get integrated. If direct integration can be developed it will be become user friendly and helps in better communication and engagement.

Similar Products in the Industry:

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