Sertifi-Pros and Cons

General features
Sertifi offers digital contract platform built for businesses who need a more efficient and secure way to manage the complete contract process. It offers more efficient and secure way to handle complicated workflows processes that involve collaboration with several parties, document approvals, payment processing, and multiple participants in sequential or parallel workflows.
Sertifi allows you to send automatic reminders to your signers to remind them to sign your documents. You can also get notification about document status like opened, signed and more. The Sertifi solution seamlessly integrates with Salesorce, CyberSource, Amadeus and many other. It also integrates with Conga and Nintex document generation tools that let you quickly and easily create and send quotes for signatures and payment.
Sertifi offers multiple options to authenticate signer, including email-based authentication, file password validation, log-in authentication, SMS authentication and knowledge-based authentication. It let you store data and documents using industry-leading protocols and encryption algorithms. It provides a complete audit trail with information like signer email address, device IP address, timestamp and more.
With Sertifi, payment data is tokenized to ensures you collect payment authorization in a PCI-compliant way. When you sign up for Sertifi, you’re provided with a custom-branded feature that allow you to use your logo & branding into your contracts.
Other Features
Sertifi gives an option for customers to sign either electronically or print, sign, and fax document. User management tools comprise two-factor authentication, IP address restrictions, and a complete audit trail of payment data.
Sertifi’s Intelligent Tag feature indicate to the system where to place signature locations and other Sertifi data boxes. With Intelligent Tags signing boxes will automatically be placed at the specified location for you, eliminating the need to do this manually each time you send a request. It facilitates you to easily access all your contracts in one secure, compliant location.
Sertifi let securely send, sign, and manage agreements from web or mobile. Signers can also sign in-person using their mobile device. It automatically sends a document to multiple signers. Sertifi provides Single Sign-On (SSO) for your Sertifi Portals. By enabling SSO, all admins must log into their portal using your enterprise authentication system.
Why use it?
Sertifi secure your sensitive data with enterprise-grade security and encryption algorithms. Sertifi system is monitored with multiple levels of redundancy and real-time visibility. These tools are built to handle all of your requirements for processing thousands of transactions. Sertifi enable customers to effortlessly create and complete contract. They can sign documents anywhere, anytime, on any Internet-enabled device. Sertifi automates complete business processes securely and save your time from performing repetitive tasks.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers comment that sharing credit card data is safe & secure while also reduces follow-up time. It feels safe that you don’t have to share credit card authorization via email and the link. They like that everything is securely organized in one spot. It is really easy to pull up signed contract quickly
Customers says that Sertifi is efficient and trustworthy. Functions and operations of the system are easy to learn and utilize. Also report capabilities are handy when analyzing data.
Needs Improvement
Customers would like to have a feature that recognize them and save their credentials for future login. Entering credentials every time is time-consuming. They would also like to have some option to sort sent links by date, time or name of receiver.
Customers would like to be able to search documents by name. Currently they can search documents by user and by email address.
Similar Products in Industry
Other digital agreement platform available in market are SigningHub, Secured Signing, DocVerify, AssureSign, LegFi, Yendo, PandaDoc, Signority, GreenRope, HelloSign etc.