ServiceNow Customer Service Management Service Desk-Pros and Cons

General features

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT solution for small businesses. T 

Its other core features include Incident and Request Management, which consolidates tickets and requests for faster issue resolution. 

 It provides IT Asset Management for tracking and managing hardware/software assets.

Its service desk features includes CMDB which helps in automating manual operations and a self-service catalog. 

ServiceNow makes it easy to incorporate knowledge creation—and on-going improvements—into everyday work.

It shows the status of IT systems, networks, and software from a centralized, connected view.

It lets fix issues faster and minimize costs by connecting customer service with field service and other departments

Its self-service portal function helps users become more productive and empowered. 

It Analyse trends and monitor products and services to identify issues and preemptively notify customers.

It provides Modernize field service with connected digital workflows.

Newer Innovations

ServiceNow lets us Create intuitive and interactive dashboards and deliver reports based on specific metrics with just a push of the button

It identifies recurring IT issues and come up with effective solutions

It provides Improve agent efficiency for a better customer experience.

ServiceNow focus on more meaningful and satisfying work with machine learning solutions that seamlessly boost user’s abilities.

It Improves efficiency and customer satisfaction by proactively detecting major incident

ServiceNow provides Increase productivity by using natural language processing to recommend related incidents.

It Scale business efficiency by lowering costs and handling higher volumes of routine tasks

It lets user Accelerate and scale digital workflow creation across the enterprise with codeless reusable flows and components.

Why use it?

ServiceNow provides Increase Customer Satisfaction.

It also Boost Resolution Efficiency

 Its drag & drop workflow feature make it easy to tailor IT service automation.

It has improved product and Quality

 Industry’s Positive Comments

Very friendly user interface for ticket creation

ServiceNow Technical team really heard customer feedback

The tool is easy to customize and integrates well with other systems

Easy to customize and integrates well with other systems

With ServiceNow there is no need for using lot of app

Needs Improvement

Its Reporting capabilities need improvement.

It does not have a “paste from clipboard” option.

It is missing some functions in Incident creation option

 Similar Products in Industry

Other Service Desk software products available in market are Micro Focus Service Manager, TOPdesk, Zabbix, ManageEngine Service Desk, Zendesk, IBM Maximo, SolarWinds Web Desk etc.