Sign Now-Pros and Cons

General features
SignNow is an award-winning e-signature software used to sign, send and manage documents on any device. Users rate it ahead of competitors in key categories like Setup, Maintenance, Signature Process, Ease of Business and Support. You get legally-binding signatures from your customers, employees and partners in seconds.
SignNow make it easy to work with multiple teams. You can share documents with team members, keep track of documents, add a team admin, remove users and transfer document ownership. You can convert your document into a fillable form by adding different fillable fields. SignNow allows you to Import documents from different apps, sign document, collect signatures and track changes in a document from your mobile device. You can also collect in-person signature using your mobile device.
SignNow secure your documents with two-factor authentication and encrypted folders in full HIPAA compliance. You can customize your profile, signing invites, emails and documents that reflect company branding by adding your company’s logo.
SignNow automatically export data you’ve collected with your forms to any device. You can even export documents from SignNow to your favorite apps that support PDF format. Using SignNow you can send your documents to multiple signers, specify the order in which signers will receive and sign documents, add signers or remove them if needed.
SignNow provides court-admissible audit trails to keep track of all changes and signing process for each document. It’s integration like productivity apps, G Suite etc. allow you to sign documents, collect eSignatures and data directly from the most popular apps and solutions.
Newer Innovations
SignNow provide two options view document status: detailed view and compact view. Compact view enables users to see the status of more documents in one shot, giving a better overview of the big picture. SignNow allows you to make a copy of your template. You can add text and/or fields, then invite someone, or use that document to make a NEW template.
SignNow search provides you the option to add filters. You can search by: the name of the document, the signer or inviter’s email address and even by text added to the document. SignNow added a few handy keyboard shortcuts to get things done even faster. Using keyboard shortcuts, you can navigate through folder pages in your documents, archive and templates. Show/hide document counts in the sidebar. Quickly toggle the sorting order of your documents, View notifications. View your user profile etc
SignNow allows you to browse Archive folders and sub-folders without navigating to each one separately. You simply need to drill down by click on the folder from the list under documents. Snapping option of SignNow helps you to achieve desired result while align your fields onto the document. You’ll see a guide that tells you where you’ve properly lined fields up. It makes adding fields enjoyable without any guesstimating.
Why use it?
SignNow is the easiest-to-use solution for both sender and signer. It automates document routing and workflow process you need to follow with your business. SignNow is SOC II, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA compliant and secure customers data with high-level of security with two-factor authentication.
SignNow has been recognized as one of the most favorite e-signature providers for businesses with it’s award-winning customer support. SignNow has been recognized as one of the most favorite e-signature providers for businesses.
Industry’s Positive Comments
Customers says that SignNow is very user friendly and easy to use. There are constant updates to the site which provides more functionality. Customers also like that SignNow allow to replace a signer when a document has been sent, this helps if the email provided is incorrect.
Customer’s favorite part is, SignNow allows to see document workflow in one shot right when they log in. You need not click different links to get into the documents you sent. Customers like drag and drop options to complete a PDF. It makes it very simple to create and even easier to show people where to sign properly.
Needs Improvement
Customer says that with SignNow you can’t rename files prior to downloading. Also, it has initials only for signers’ signature and not for sender signature. It should allow to include initials for the sender and leave a few models of signature saved
Customer with basic plan are little disappointing because customer support is only available on enterprise plans.
Similar Products in Industry
Other E-signature solutions available in market are HelloSign, ZorroSign, Secured Signing, GetAccept, Namirial, KeepSolidSign, eSign+, eversign, PleaseSign, InsureSign, ADSS Signing Server etc.