Sitecore Content Management-Pros and Cons

General Information

Sitecore Content Management empowers unparalleled content curation by separating content from presentation, promoting content reuse, in-context editing and designing makes content authoring intuitive and efficient, preview capabilities with device simulators to ensure consistent messaging across your visitors, Multi-site and Multi-lingual capabilities

Sitecore Content Management has Enterprise-class search functionality, content scheduling, asset management, workflow, versioning and validation. Its has features like content targeting based on device, geo-IP, and language versioning options

Newer Innovations in the SiteCore Contant Manager

Sitecore Content Management provides OOB features for creating multilingual and multi domain websites. The features like customer campaigning and triggering email, marketing control panel are some of the best feature available in it, C# development platform/approach is very extensible and well organized. The personalization rules engine is very powerful. Hub and desktop interface is big improvement by Sitecore Content Management

Why we use SiteCore Contant Manager?

The are some best in box feature which make Sitecore Content Management , the best used tool like custom indexing feature using SOLR,Lucene and Azure, marketing control panel gives access to track active users of the site. Content can be housed in one central location but linked to various pages and has extensible platform with a very dynamic community.

Industry Positive Comments

Some of positive response by customers say that it has great developer support/experience, really like the core cms part and ease of integration. It lets usu customize the underlying code ,and site structure and hierarchy is fairly easy to follow.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement which include Sitecore is a bit complex software, upgrade process seemed difficult. Some times the modules don’t let you edit and we can’t implement this yourself but need some expert. There is no friendly tutorials or resources online

Similar Products in the Industry

Some of the similar search products in the industry are OutSystems,Progress Sitefinity, Sitecore Experience Management, Quadient, Salesforce Lightning External Apps, Kentico Kontent, Rigor, SAP Fiori , Liferay Digital Experience Platform, IBM Digital Experience Manage