Sketch-Pros and Cons

General Information

Sketch provides its users with a definitive platform capable of providing different digital designs. It allows users to transform ideas into products very easily. Sketch comes with the ability to build your own library of products, as well as the ability to produce vector images. The software also comes with multiple plugins to add more flexibility for the users

Sketch can also provide users with the ability to construct complex slides, as well as building desktop design or different mockups. Users are also able to implement different prototypes in the system, as well as customising their own toolbar.

Newer Innovations in Sketch

Sketch allows its users to use data fill too, which provides more persistent data than before, as well as mobile integration allowing more flexible usage of the software. Furthermore, the software was recently also implemented with a dark mode toggle, as well as a new Smart Guides update.

Sketch also was provided faster cloud updates for its users, as well as cloud inspector to optimise the user’s experience

Users are also able to use variable fonts in their work, as well as the software using a lot less RAM than before, therefore not requiring as much performance from the computer.

Why we use Sketch?

Sketch allows businesses to use different resources from the internet to be implemented for efficient use, as well as the ability to use the software with mobile devices which can be accessed from multiple places easily.

The software also comes with high convenience for its designers, as well as allowing a discount for businesses, therefore allowing more users to access the software and from that more businesses are able tor recruit young talents.

Industry Positive Comments

Sketch comes with multiple positive comments from the industry, some of which includes quickly making design changes and updates, as well as supporting multiple import and export formats to be implemented. Users also comment that the software is very simple, and that it comes with high quality detail regarding its features. Sketch also supports many plugins.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement in file size, which might be too big for many people, as well as the software crashing often. Sketch also comes with plugins that are often already expired in some circumstances, and also the prototyping feature could be integrated more seamlessly according to some users. Furthermore, inbuilt stock components are also not included.

Similar Products in the Industry

Sketch comes with multiple other softwares in the industry, some of which include Adobe XD, Sigma, Vectr, InkSpace, Gravit Designer, Xara Designer Pro, Adobe Illustrator, ProtoPie, Balsamiq and Moqups