SoapUI-Pros and Cons

General Features

SoapUI Pro is a powerful automated testing tool software platform which is used to test the API’s of the apps and security testing across the organization. SoapUI Pro is a primary tool which is being used by developer to test the web services as it allows user to create and reuse tests in very less time. SoapUI Pro with its security allows user to secure the data and script with the help of many security scans which can easily be added to the API. SoapUI Pro has a feature of Artificial Intelligence data driven testing which allows user to choose a random data to test from any external source u can choose and allows it for testing it also allows for parallel data testing within less of hours. SoapUI Pro has a feature to put a job in a queue which helps in saving time and doesn’t abort the current execution or test. SoapUI Pro integration provides automated test with seamlessly CI/CD process. SoapUI Pro also delivers basic test and ad hoc function for everybody in the team. SoapUI Pro has an ability to save the history of the previous test which is very helpful to understand for next test and as well as the team user can also check the debug portion and if the test fails user can start from where it was failed. Soap UI Pro import openAPI into Ready API to measure the test coverage of entire API. SoapUI Pro is trusted by more than 4000 companies around the world. SoapUI Pro enable to automate complex scenarios very easily. SoapUI Pro automates the test in three easy steps and execute in seconds providing automated environment management and report generation.

Newer Innovation

SoapUI Pro continues to set the bar on API testing with its new improvements and releases. SoapUI Pro has enhanced the user interface and navigations which results in increase of productivity. SoapUI Pro comes with expanded GraphQL functionality. SoapUI Pro comes with a drag and drop method through which all the REST, SOAP API can be used easily. SoapUI has made little improvement in enhancing data driven feature. SoapUI Pro now offers vulnerability testing which helps in identifying the weak areas within or of the application and protects it from hackers and viral softwares. SoapUI Pro offers pre-built reports and reporting templates which shares and display the information which matters the most to you. SoapUI Pro is a one stop solution for all types of API testing. SoapUI Pro supports multi environment which allows the changing the environment in a drop down based on the requirements so one need not have to rewrite the tests for local or test servers.

Why we use SoapUI Pro?

SoapUI Pro has the best features which makes web services, load testing and security testing easy. SoapUI Pro enables easy test creation and execution in few easy steps [Step 1- Importing an API Definition (Like OAS or WSDLs), Step 2 -Hitting just an Endpoint, Step 3- Recording live API traffic, Step 4- Importing endpoints from your API management tool] which saves large amount of testing time. SoapUI Pro enable one to start testing API continuously with native integrations like Jenkins, Maven, TeamCity and simplifies regression testing. SoapUI Pro empower teams and allows them to share projects, artefacts or reporting issue directly from the testing IDE by sharing license between other team members. SoapUI Pro provides powerful data-driven testing capabilities which cut down the time and at the same time, give a check to real world conditions. SoapUI Pro comes with key integrations: GIT, JIRA, MuleSoft, Zephyr, Jenkins, Selenium. SoapUI Pro is a budget friendly corporate solution for API.

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that SoapUI Pro provides user to choose data for test which is very useful by which by user can also check test the data which is introduced newly. SoapUI Pro enable data transfer to multiple API’s which is very helpful. SoapUI Pro can test with almost all the web API’s. SoapUI Pro is very quick and easy to generate debugging reports. SoapUI Pro can trace the history for your next test for the comparisons which is time saving . SoapUI Pro is very easy to set up and has user friendly interface. SoapUI Pro offers easy transfer of data from one response to multiple API. SoapUI Pro security features ensures data reliability and boost confidence as it supports varieties of security scans like SQL Injection, XPath Injections, XML Bombs. 

Needs Improvement

SoapUI Pro though offers many great features and functionality, but it is lacking with mobile app testing and web UI testing. SoapUI Pro is bit expensive as compared with similar products in the market it should offer flexible price plans. SoapUI Pro mock response feature should be enhanced and should update with ease of use. SoapUI Pro history some time get destroyed when the new test is performed when the execution placed at the same time. SoapUI Pro should come with a proper documentation. SoapUI Pro is not much helpful in Web UI and mobile testing, it can improve by enhancing UI.

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar product in the industry are Katalon Studio, Postman, Para soft SOAtest, Selenium, Apache JMeter, Azure DevOps, UFT, Burp Suite, Tricentis Tosca, Browser Stack.