SOAPUI-Pros and Cons

General Features

SOAPUI is the best software and world’s leading tool for SOAP and REST testing. SOAPUI has user friendly and easy to use graphical interface which allows to easily and quickly create and execute functional, regression and load tests. SOAPUI is an ultimate tool of functional and Automated testing and with its innovative and powerful features, it improves the quality of application. SOAPUI functional testing can even create and run complex test scenarios with its drag and drop actions and while testing enterprise messaging it captures client server SOAP traffic, all at once. SOAPUI has MockServices which helps in create mimic and robust tests against SOAP and REST services before implementation is done. SOAPUI facilitates simulation for any desired behavior irrespective of complexity and completely configured services. SOAPUI performs Security Testing which protects web services against most common security vulnerabilities. SOAPUI Security testing secures the database by SQL Injection and XML Bomb where SQL injection will send some Malicious SQL statements in order to ensure- deny any unauthorized access or impossibility of weakening the database. SOAPUI performs Load testing with Click and Run tests and Pre Built load strategies (Simple,Fixed Rate, Variable to simulate various test conditions). SOAPUI is loaded with advanced technology which supports all types of protocols and standards that ascertains the quality of APIs being developed. SOAPUI allows anyone to develop their own set of SOAPUI features as SOAPUI plugin. SOAPUI automation features reduces labor cost and improve time to market.          

Newer Innovation

SOAPUI new tools and features add on which are capable of testing APIs makes it widely used by organizations. SOAPUI helps in thorough API testing capabilities which reduces developer time of testing and helps in ensuring the quality of APIs such as performance, security, functionality, usability and confirms that APIs are matching as per expectation. SOAPUI comes with open source code approach which gives developer a platform to bring their own innovation by freely editing and improvising code; through which transparency in development is also achieved. SOAPUI offers one stop API solution which provides developers/users a simple and useful option; starting from design to deployment to taste both static and dynamic features of APIs. SOAPUI data driven testing configures APIs to run quicker and smarter. SOAPUI stores and save your work and then it can be picked up on next time very easily. SOAPUI offers multi environment and multiple integrations with world-class vendors like ReadyAPI, JIRA, Microsoft Excel, GitHub, Bamboo. SOAPUI provides testing frameworks which are open source and compatible with REST and SOAP APIs. 

Why we use SOAPUI?

SOAPUI is used by many renowned business and company as it is an one stop API testing solution which tests functions, security and performance of all web APIs used in a framework from design to development phase and guide a developer to edit on any error or loopholes occurs. SOAPUI GUI is simple and easy to work which makes it convenient application to perform and manage SOAP and REST Projects. SOAPUI rapidly discover and connects to service endpoints. SOAPUI helps in manage time efficiently and display accurate results with lesser use of resources and manpower. SOAPUI accelerates the debugging process and testing for a better product within timeline. SOAPUI reporting feature is easily understandable as it provides clear highlights of each and every information/ requirement in a better way. SOAPUI simplifies regression testing and thus SOAPUI is a great tool for API testing. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that SOAPUI regression testing, data driven testing and automation testing saves lot of time and money. SOAPUI is best when it comes to test all types of APIs , helped in asynchronizing testing of web services, Load testing, Security testing and Automation functional testing. SOAPUI supports advanced technologies at its platform and support all type of common protocols and standards. SOAPUI feature allowing to create its own set of SOAPUI feature to be used as SOAPUI Plugin is great help which avoid to write one own code. SOAPUI helps in keeping projects organized and it also saves the projects or work which can be used or picked up later. 

Needs Improvement

SOAPUI being a simple user friendly tool should have better documentation. SOAPUI takes time when one just to run REST test as it setups everything from a new project. SOAPUI graphical user interface is now outdated, it should be improved as per the modern trend and usage. SOAPUI floating license should be more flexible and allow to be linked with user personally as it gets locked to certain workstation and then cannot be easily change to other workstation. SOAPUI should have auto triggered functionality which makes the platform more user friendly and adds to time saver, It takes time to request large sized data. SOAPUI functionality and working with GIT should be improved to have better results. SOAPUI if add basic assertion like JSON match, XML Match , Json Schema Validation will great help. 

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar product in the industry are Sauce Labs , Testingwhiz, Runscope,Apache JMETER,HttpMaster,TestRail,Postman,Runscope,Semaphore,TestComplete.