Sprinklr-Pros and Cons


General features
It is the World’s first Unified Front Office.
It integrates with Modern Channels as 23 Social channels covering WhatsApp, Apple iMessage, Google RCS etc. and 11 messaging channels and many forums, review sites, news sites and blogs.
There is AI Based Platform, as a single Global Instance for each customer.
The Brand safety feature manages brand risk with enterprise governance.
Social Modern Engagements ensures listening, publishing and measuring across all social channels.
Social marketing increases the Return on Investment with AI-powered Insights, Saves time with automated workflow.
Sprinklr Modern Advertising enables personalized advertising and increases the efficiency across teams and integrations within Unified Front Office.
The Modern Research feature enables you to turn data into real time insights, decisions and actions.
The Modern Care resolves queries by applying smart, automated AI-driven technologies.
Empower Collaborations across teams and departments with cross-functional communication.
Newer Innovations
The AI Based Triaging reads every message by using AI model which filters spams and noise.
The Sprinklr Live Chat improves customer satisfaction and facilitates better support.
The feature of Smart Bidding helps advertisers to ascertain the ideal bid strategy.
The Smart Alerts in Bench Marking feature offer real time notifications of competitor’s activities.
The Omnichannel Content delivery feature allows you to do omni-channel planning across a timeline.
The Global Planning time in the Editorial Calendar effectively manages your campaign strategy.
Its Smart Compliance feature provides AI-powered content review automation in real time to ensure compliance with content strategy.
The Dark mode is introduced in several areas of platform to reduce eye strain and improves ergonomics in low light conditions.
Why use it?
It’s a Complete Enterprise Social Technology.
It Provides better Business Outcomes.
It creates strong relationships on social media.
Sprinklrl provides quick customer support.
Industry’s Positive Comments
It gives Performance Insight feature to select most interactive content.
It gives ability to view and customize reporting.
The Listening Engine and Explorer find engagement friendly conversations.
It tracks engagement across Instagram Videos and photos.
It gives ability to create tags and implement them to make reporting easier.
Needs Improvement
Needs training as lots of features need to be understood.
Need to improve on Reporting Module
Instagram Video views are not captured in reports.
Similar Products in Industry
Other Social media analytic software products available in market are Falcon.io, Zoho Social, Salesforce, Brandwatch Consumer Research, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer etc.