Synthesio-Pros and Cons


General features

Synthesio provides tools to take conversations from the social web and convert them into information that can fuel a data-driven decision-making process across user’s organization. It features customizable social listening dashboards, displaying an immense amount of data relating to social mentions of your brand. The Periodic Reports are delivered to you, monthly, quarterly, yearly or any other interval needed. It provides strategic insights about the market, brand, trends, customer experience and much more. It finds the right partner, from the micro-influencer to key opinion leaders, to drive business brand awareness and customer engagement. The Teams can leverage Synthesio’s solutions across the enterprise, to discover strategic business insights from the most extensive collection of data in the market. It protects your brand equity by monitoring the pulse of your consumers in terms of crisis monitoring, alerting and visual listening. Synthesio helps uncover details about customers and their trending interests by audience segmentation, influencer identification and trend monitoring. It allows you to drive smart marketing decisions across all vital business use cases by providing content and media planning and campaign analysis. Synthesio currently provides coverage in 196 countries and 80 languages, monitors 100,000+ websites in real-time.

Newer Innovations

It’s NLP technology surfaces topics and trends automatically in over 30 data visualization widgets. It is powered with Automated sentiment analysis in over 20 languages that systematically tags each mention with a sentiment value. The built-in data enrichment technology adds a robust matrix of user demographic information and interaction tracking. Synthesio Profiler builds customizable persona to create audience insights reports relevant to your brand. Synthesio Beam lets you optimize your campaign content on-the-fly with real-time feedback from your customers and online audiences. Synthesio’s platform takes the best of Business Intelligence technology to provide customers with rich analytics using BI style reporting. It has a widget builder which allows business users to choose the metrics they want to examine, using the visualizations available. Synthesio’s filter allows businesses to segment data and identify the right audience, authors, countries, languages, sentiments etc.

Why use it?

Synthesio provides efficient and time saving Social media management.
It facilitates Effective Analysis of market using Artificial Intelligence, which helps in strong relationships with customers. Synthesio provides fast responsive customer support service.

Industry’s Positive Comments

Some of the things applauded about Synthesio is the ability to update preferences and its very interactive data charts . They make it a great tool for real-time listening, monitoring and reporting for clients. The system’s modularity allows for sets up that speak directly to the needs of business users and hides all else. Synthesio provides users with a first line defense against potential risks to our brand, enabling us to highlight customer sentiments and react faster. Synthesio’s customer service is responsive, friendly and very helpful at quick addressing items.

Needs Improvement

Synthesio should further work towards increase their mobile capabilities. The system did run a little low at scale; so users do believe the need to improve speed and response time. Sometimes searches are bit slow when urgent information is needed.

Similar Products in Industry

Other Social media analytic software products available in market are Salesforce Marketing Cloud,, Zoho Social, Google Analytics, Social Studio, NetBase, Buffer etc.