SysAid IT Service Management -Pros and Cons

General features

SysAid is offered in both cloud and on-premise versions.

It is a Globally-adopted IT service management (ITSM) solution.

It helps in monitoring and managing tasks in one platform.

SysAid serves over 10,000 customers across 140 countries.

It is a multi-layered ITSM solution.

It comes with built-in asset management, advanced automation and orchestration, and powerful BI and analytics.

SysAid is 100% Customer Driven.

It is very easy to configure and customize. 

It comes with useful Add-Ons & Third-Party Integrations.

SysAid is one centralized solution to manage all IT tasks.

Newer Innovations

SysAid provides powerful ticket management tool.

It helps in getting the reports, dashboards, and KPIs we need to understand in minutes.

It comes with 15 pre-configured template KPIs to get started immediately.

It lets manage IT activities, and view IT asset information, on-the-go with SysAid Mobile Apps.

It has optimize personal and team performance, and improved service delivery.

SysAid provides the ability to move between the two platforms as circumstances change.

It supports embedded best-of-breed technologies.

It is available in 42 languages.

Why use it?

SysAid comes with Choice of Cloud or On-Premise.

It is 100% Customer Driven.

It is very flexible.

It comes with useful Add-Ons & Third-Party Integrations.

Industry’s Positive Comments

I appreciate SysAid’s ease of submission of tickets for my clients.

Incredibly powerful and feature rich service desk.

SysAid truly is the number one helpdesk resource for IT admins

Automatic emailing ticket creation and response is perfect.

It’s hard to find downsides in this app.

Needs Improvement

 There isn’t a dark mode for viewing in the SysAid.

Reporting is slightly on the weak side and can be improved.

User interface has very typical design, it’s not very colourful.

Similar Products in Industry

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