Test Complete HR Marketing-Pros and Cons

General Features

TestComplete is a platform for GUI testing for mobile, web and desktop applications user can maximize the test coverage, scale automated testing efforts with the powerful feature of TestComplete. TestComplete allows to create automated UI tests which is very easy for any non technical. TestComplete with the feature of record and replay, user not need have to write a single line of code, record the test once and run them across many mobile, web and desktop application. TestComplete with its great feature object recognition engine with artificial intelligence saves time and allows user to maintain test by identify dynamic UI elements with the powerful engine now its not the basic test; u can test any UI element in your application. TestComplete makes it easier to write one automated script to test HTML 5 test and allow it run all the versions of browsers even the older version of internet explorer and maximize the test coverage of your web application. TestComplete with its Data Driven feature allows user to run automated test by reduce the steps by separating the data from test commands. TestComplete allows user to check real time progress and report of your desktop, mobile and web application with a single interface. TestComplete also give the information of execution time as well as check & identify the slow running test. TestComplete helps in create automated UI tests without using any programming language. TestComplete has the ability to handle complex scenarios. TestComplete saves time, cut costs and increase the productivity which enable user to reuse automated UI tests across environments. 

Newer Innovation

TestComplete with its innovative features allows user to have integration with Azure DevOps to test cases faster and easy, unbind TestComplete items, projects from Azure DevOps test cases directly which will prevent TestComplete to display unwanted notification while the project team is unavailable; also when re-bind the project, it will run fine. TestComplete with its newer feature AI based self healing, makes it possible to find control or a window with special AI based algorithm when the test engine fails to find similar control or a window and continues run the test with the same object. Test Engine also post a warning message to share information about log and replacement and about new recognition properties. TestComplete with its regular updation allows user to run the test on all the updated browsers. TestComplete mobile testing 

also supports the newer version of android 10, iOS versions. TestComplete also allows to create, record and run test for electron based app with the latest versions .TestComplete with its feature the unexecuted metric allows user to check in the test log only the case whose execution not started and the run interrupted .TestComplete now provides a complete training of the program and allows to have 24/7 customer support which makes more easier to the user to have the test of their mobile web and desktop application faster and efficient. 

Why we use TestComplete ?

TestComplete is one of the best platform to run automated GUI test for their mobile web and desktop apps which allows user to work script less with the help of record and replay it is very easy to use for anyone, one who does not about coding can also perform test easily for their app. TestComplete has the ability to test all three of your app: mobile, web and desktop app to test at a single platform with different version of browser and latest devices . TestComplete is a tool which is regularly updating its features and adding regions so user can easily check the app with all the new version of browser and with updated devices. TestComplete works with an artificial intelligence which allows user to test the app more efficiently and faster with minimum of test failure and maximize the test coverage. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comments is that TestComplete has very attractive and engaging user interface which attracts user more. TestComplete , keyboard frameworks is very ease to use and test the apps more faster. TestComplete generates reports which are very detailed, helpful in easy implementation into workflow. TestComplete, Integration with different apps and API makes it very easy meet the requirement of the product and makes application run more faster and easier without fail. TestComplete offer lots of programming language so the developer can chose to build their script and test the app with TestComplete easy. TestComplete has a wonderful training seasons to understand the product and the customer support they provide is highly appreciated.

Needs Improvement

TestComplete has very good feature but they need to add exception handling which will helpful for user. TestComplete need to work Mac based and window based programs. TestComplete should make easier way to edit the images. TestComplete is more expensive compare to the other tools on the market also they provide license to buy for every user as of now, we cannot use for multiple user with single licence. TestComplete Integration with visual basic is bit struggling. TestComplete sometimes it’s tough to use in new machine and new environment. TestComplete does not provide searching for internal relationships without writing special scripts to do so.

Similar Products in the Industry:

Some of the similar product in the industry are Tricentis Tosca , IBM Rational Functional Tester, Katalon Studio , Appium , Protractor , Selenium , UFT, Ranorex Studio , Browser Stack, ,Sauce Labs .