Tricentis Tosca-Pros and Cons

General Features

Tricentis Tosca is a continuous automated testing platform which allows user to test its software with many different aspects (case design, automation, data design and generation, and analytics). Tricentis Tosca allows testing without using codes/scripts for end to end test automation and supports more than 160+ technologies. Tricentis Tosca has a unique feature of Model based test automation which ensure user that application will run in any condition and if the failure occurs there will no data loss and continue working with its main functions. Tricentis Tosca features called as automation recording assistance allows user to record and playback the test, this turns any one as a test automation specialist .Tricentis Tosca allows user to test its software from user interface to API means start to end with every feature and aspect thus it is called as end to end testing software. Tricentis Tosca minimizes the risk coverage of your product and maximum of test coverage. Tricentis Tosca ensure the API testing with its model- based technology in any software as it is the most important for the organization that the software should work on different API’s as required. Tricentis Tosca allows user to service directly (continuous test when dependent system are offline) from their API to reduce the cost of testing .Tricentis Tosca with its test data management allows user to select data which has to be tested , tester can easily select data which has to be tasted which saves time. Tricentis Tosca ensure data integrity faster and reliable and detection of errors as early as possible Tricentis MBTA approach provides quick creation of flexible tests which can be easily maintained which ultimately helps to achieve rate of 90% from release to release. Tricentis Tosca helps team by shift left from UI testing to API testing through a model based based approach.

Newer Innovation

Tricentis Tosca with its innovation now come with a better recording feature of your test with ARA you can install and press the record to check the end to end test process of your software app. Tricentis Tosca has upgraded its analytical reports with easier and more custom reports to understand the bugs and issues easily in the life cycle of the software. Tricentis Tosca with its upgraded and innovation feature ensure maximum of risk coverage and allows to test the new data integrated. Tricentis Tosca has moved its platform to cloud based as the growing industry need to work on and test their software apps into cloud based platforms. Tricentis Tosca now come with higher security and with better and upgraded and ease to use interface. Tricentis Tosca has improved its test reporting policy now user can save reports of test in a folder which helps user and its team in a better way. Tricentis Tosca now comes with more upgraded and enhance mobile testing features and supports more and update mobile devices. Tricentis Tosca has enhanced with Mobile to steer and embed 2FA routines in automated test cases which support end-to-end mobile testing while sending messages or authenticating app. Tricentis Tosca eliminates orphan test cases by introducing new traceability enhancement. 

Why we use Tricentis Tosca ?

Tricentis Tosca is a platform which makes your software to work efficiently and without failure. Tricentis Tosca makes testing easy with its wonderful and updated features now testing the software is no more a hectic task for any organization. Tricentis Tosca enables testing without codes and automated continuous testing. Tricentis Tosca with its global presence makes it easy to taste software app work on different platform and makes it run in different region and has a wide range of companies .Tricentis Tosca with its efficient and wonderful performance in testing makes it one of the best testing platform in the 

industry. Tricentis Tosca reduces testing cost with Tricentis Orchestrates Service Virtualization. Tricentis Tosca is reliable, faster and automated tool which is widely used by organization to manage team task, save time and money. 

Industry Positive Comment

Some of the industry positive comment is that Tricentis Tosca with its great feature provide maximum use of module in multiple testing. Tricentis Tosca comes with a very attractive and easy to learn user interface much of its parts are self explanatory which makes user to easy to the test. Tricentis Tosca allows user to test the product without use of code which saves time and makes it easy to test continuously. Tricentis Tosca allows user to reuse the module which has already used to testing. Tricentis Tosca comes with efficient supports system which helps user to test their product easily and with less time .

Needs Improvement

Tricentis Tosca has very good feature but its lacking with the feature of incompatibility with Mac machines .Tricentis Tosca need to have an UI when the test is running . Tricentis Tosca doesn’t have the feature of retry option, the test where it is stopped user has to start the test from the beginning. Tricentis Tosca reporting and defect management need to be improve. Tricentis Tosca is bit expensive that is the reason small size of organization search for the alternates. Tricentis Tosca is time taking when the product is complex and response very slow while testing .

Similar Products in the Industry:

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