UJET-Pros and Cons

General Information

UJET is a multichannel solution for voice, web, text and mobile support. It is Compliant with SOC2 Type II security and data protection. UJET optimize and modernize customer support. It is useful when transferring call to another agent. There is calling back your customers option and we can use multiple languages

In UJET the auxes are really easy to use and clear airtime.

Newer Innovations in the UJET

Through UJET international transfers are easy. Its large and minimal font makes it aesthetically pleasing, adaptable to the contact center needs. Simple to step in to work and download the reports.
UJET’s ability to quickly answer phone calls, easy transfer feature that will allow you to search a name to transfer to in order. It has feature where you can route calls to specific teams. UJET is easy to sign in and register

Why we use UJET?

We should UJET because it is simple to use, not a complicated tool to use day by day and also. It has very good looking interface very color-full. The fact that you can see the call stats is cool a swell, all call centers should be try this tool
UJET voice mail is a plus cause the customers can leave you a voicemail any time. The tool integrate with a lot of tools not only with sales-force. You can use UJET at home too. It is user friendly and you can use multiple languages

Industry Positive Comments

Some of the positive comments received are that UJET has a friendly user interface, the quality of the calls is flawless and clear. Users like the variety of colors for different aux codes. It is user friendly and people appreciate the customer service.

Needs Improvement

Some of the customers expect improvement because it is confusing when the channels overlap. Codes are not organized by category or alphabetically. There is no customization for personalized use. In UJET native reporting is a bit lacking and reports are inaccurate sometimes.

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